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All posts by Brendan Jack

Brendan Jack
Brendan writes, produces, directs and sometimes performs in his online branded entertainment campaigns. “Even if you wanted to ramp a truck off Table Mountain to sell something, we don’t need a permit.”He also works in the film and television industry, and as a voice-over artist.
  • 10 incredibly accurate predictions for the tech world in 2012

    My search for answers had brought me a long way from home. Online expert and the subject of EMPIRE: How to Succeed with Nothing but Passion, Great Ideas and a Wealthy Family, (which I ghost wrote, but don’t let him know I said that) Dunlop Fantasia had sent me on this quest. "Find out what’s going to be big in 2012," he said, bloodshot eyes staring over his Gucci sunglasses. "You're going to Brazil, I hear great things are happening there". Great, I thought, as visions of the Copa Cabana and sun drenched sessions of beach volleyball flashed before...

  • Brendan Jack’s 13.5 extremely important rules for online marketing

    Comedian Brendan Jack of Crazy Monkey fame writes for Memeburn on the latest cutting-edge ideas around online marketing. They are so cutting edge they’ll make your eyes bleed. The web is deep. I mean I thought the deep end of the Brakpan municipal diving pool was deep. Then I signed up to Facebook, and Twitter, and Google+, and LinkedIn, and eBay and 4Chan, and well you get the idea .... I felt like a German tourist in central Hillbrow. Lost. Then I met advertising expert and all round good guy Dunlop Fantasia, who was kind enough to share his golden...

  • Ridley Scott directs a crowdsourced movie

    Crowdsourcing, if you haven't heard of it, is also known as the 'cheap, lazy bastard way to get something done'. It's a technique gleefully employed by marketers and media outlets to ensure they get the pick of the litter for less. Separate the wheat from the chavs, as they say. It's also a great way to interact with global communities and to promote work and ideas. Think of it as a way to expose yourself without being arrested. Creative and IT-focused industries seem to be the main target of crowdsourcing. There's a plethora of briefs for apps, music videos, book covers...

  • Online branded entertainment: Now sold in a bigger box!

    I just watched an episode of Mad Men, but skipped the adverts. There’s possibly an irony to watching a TV show about advertising, but scrolling through the ads in-between. The thing is, I prefer to get my ad-fix online, where I decide what I want to see. ‘Online Branded Entertainment’, that sounds like one of those new marketing buzz phrases, like ‘Social Media Guru’. Yes, branded entertainment is fairly new, if you consider the 1950s recent. That was the era when soap advertisers began sponsoring soap operas. These advertisers knew that they could engage their consumers with one simple technique...