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All posts by Dale Ferreira

Dale Ferreira
Born barefoot in Boksburg and growing up in Welkom in the Free State, Dale has fought against all odds and managed to come out English. In 2011 he wanted to be involved in social media, and decided to reinvent and at 28 became the world’s oldest intern. Dale Ferreira isn’t Elon Musk, but loves content and great digital work. He is a Digital consultant at Sconetent.
  • Community management: can you really handle it?

    Perhaps you have forgotten, in-between your unrivaled push to create the perfect content, that there is another, really important portion of the social media function that we are missing terribly. It's a portion that is as important as content, just a little more tedious to do, because unless you’re starting out in the industry, it’s about as important as a tin of Ricoffy in an agency pantry. You see, the trouble is, while you were birthing the perfect piece of tactical advertising, sat on your toilet scrolling through Twitter first thing (having woken up to news that a musician...

  • It’s time for the digital industry to stop handing out titles and train juniors properly

    The digital industry is ruining the art of community management. While I refuse to think it is the dear professionals I have worked with over the years, I’m afraid we’re just as much at fault as the people who are lying about the fact that they actually have digital skills. I have berated these digital con-artists at length and if you fail to recognise that these people are persevering with poor business practice then you deserve the punishment you are getting. I can’t do that for you. The real problem is the skills shortage with regards to really good community...

  • 7 quick lessons you can learn from Phil, the guy screwing up your social presence

    As they both crossed the left leg over the right, Bob and Phil looked at each other knowingly: they were entrepreneurs, because it said so in their bios. “We’re going to have to go into social media, Phil. Everyone is talking about it.” “You couldn’t be more right, it is the logical next step for a music production company.” “Do we know anything about social media?” “It’s online, Bob!” He giggled. Bob hated when Phil knew everything, but that was almost all the time. Phil got online and had a good look and Phil found a wealth of information about...

  • For the good of the industry: why social media types should stop bickering and pull together

    I want you to pay attention. What I am going to say, I am going to say deliberately. This build up is important, so hold on because I need you to listen. We need to stick together tighter than ever, digitally. I have been included in a group that was created specifically for social media community managers. This community is full of the old guard of people you would expect -- people who have run brands for some time and have been around for as long as the hashtag has... so not that long. This group was created as...

  • 5 things you should bear in mind before hiring someone for your social team

    I recently received an awkward notification. A woman I had blocked on Facebook wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn. I had blocked her because, after a second meeting, I had realised that she was loopier than a theme park ride, and I felt a little suffocated at the 23rd missed call in the hour-long status meeting I had. This was nearly two and a half years prior to the notification that exploded in my inbox with the tactless indecency of an attention-seeking comedian hanging on the strings of a lost career. So then I obviously looked at...

  • Dear brand on Facebook, don’t just tell me a story, tell me your story

    I went through a friend’s timeline on Facebook the other day; we had been friends long before Facebook created a millionaire, so it was virtually real. I was interested in how her journey had tangled in with mine. How, like a terribly scripted RomCom staring Ashton Kutcher, we had come in and out of each other’s lives. However terribly scripted the story was, it was a story. A story I was interested in. I spent a lot more time on this story, I invested in it. An hour of my day was up and I had been lost in...

  • What a rejected article taught me about social media rule number one

    The good people of Memeburn asked me to write another piece for them, so I did. I wanted to write a hard-hitting piece about the industry in which I slave away, I wanted to create something that was shareable and had mass talk-ability and all of the wonderful words we create here in social media. I slaved for 35 minutes, and handed it in. In the nicest way possible, they told me to take my offering and place it in a shredder, then take that shredder and throw it off the back of a truck. They had never been...

  • How do you solve a problem like a social influencer?

    “How are we going to tell people about us?” “An influencer.” “Brilliant!” And everybody around the boardroom table taps the social media yeoman on the back, his mate/client slaps his smart derriere. As he exits the room, he tweets to let his following know that he just had a Mad Men moment and that in two to four weeks, he will be celebrated for creating online conversation. When did humanity reverse so quickly as to develop a world where creating conversation became a skill-set necessary to work? I get very excited when a client talks to me about...