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All posts by Isebell Gauche

Isebell is a copywriter and author of a couple of books, one of which is specifically on the topic of Internet research. A career in information retrieval at two multinational corporations was followed by several years of lecturing on topics directly related to digital information storage, management, and retrieval. Her focus today is to share her knowledge and passion for the digital world with readers through the creation of engaging content that is also search engine and social media friendly. Topics of interest range from search engines, especially Google, to social media platforms, and online marketing strategies.
  • The 4 most common methods of calculating pay-per-click ROI

    Understanding the various ways to calculate Pay Per Click (PPC) ROI (return on investment) is imperative for anyone online who wants to benefit from an increase in sales rather than just getting more leads. Before we go on, lead generation can be the goal and then optimisation can be done based on the conversion rate, but for more than lead generation, it is important to understand which method is the most applicable to determine the ROI on advertising. Before we can fully understand the ways for calculating Pay Per Click ROI, we need to understand ROI. For most of you...