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All posts by Richard Mullins

Richard Mullins opened Acceleration's Johannesburg office in 2000. Richard has played an instrumental role in the growth of Acceleration in South Africa, working with clients to identify their online marketing needs and establish effective online marketing strategies that deliver superior results. This is achieved through the implementation of technology services such as Advertiser and Publisher Ad Operations, Email, Paid Search and Site Analytics.
  • Put customers before technology when delving into big data

    Data works in two directions. Firstly, it gives businesses access to unprecedented volumes of real-time data about customer behaviour, preferences and context. It also provides consumers with information about where they should go for the best product range, experience, and pricing. Thanks to smartphones, consumers have this information at hand whenever they research purchases, shop, and interact with brands. Consider, for example, someone in a mall looking for the best nearby restaurant. He or she will look up nearby pizzerias on Apple or Google Maps or look up best restaurants on Zomato’s app. This provides the local owner of...

  • 5 steps to ensuring better ROI from data

    To remain relevant in a world where digital disruptors such as Amazon, Uber and AirBNB have built global businesses through data-driven technology and consumer engagement, established brands need to learn how to turn their customer data reserves into strategic and operational insight. This is less about technology than it is about organisational change and top-level business strategy. Here are a few ideas about where you could start with rolling out a data project that will deliver a return on investment for your marketing organisation. 1. Begin with a business goal in mind Don’t think of data as something you need to do for...

  • Context is king in the next wave of digital marketing

    I recently attended a discussion with some colleagues and key clients WPP STREAM Africa, around how to target digital marketing messages at an elite group of wealthy consumers who don’t spend much time surfing the Web or leave a trail of digital data behind them wherever they go. These high net worth individuals are not on social media, nor do they rely on opinion pages in mainstream websites to make investment or purchasing decisions. This group of wealthy consumers jealously protective of their personal data because they know how valuable it is to the many people standing in line to...

  • Why data is the new oil

    Can there be any commodity more precious to an online user today than data? This resource is already valuable for those that know how to effectively exploit it and its value is set to grow even more over the next three years. Data is the oil of the online world -- the fuel that powers the engines of online business. Yet there are still many businesses that have yet to grasp just how important the reams of data generated by their customer relationship management systems, online ad campaigns, websites, search campaigns, email marketing efforts, and so on will be...

  • Social media: Is it a bubble and will it burst?

    Over the past few years, social media has ballooned from being a small, emerging niche into a major force in the online marketing and advertising space. However, those who lived through the dotcom boom-and-bust cycle can't help asking whether we are about to see another bubble burst. After all, the hype about social media has quickly become inflated, more brands are throwing resources into interacting with customers on social media, and there is...

  • Email marketing in the time of social media

    Email marketing is one of the most powerful weapons in the online marketer's arsenal, provided it is used in a personalised and engaging manner that takes into account the ways that social networking has changed online interaction and communication over the past five years. Ironically, the rise of social networking sites and social media have caused email volumes to soar rather than decline. What's more, industry research shows that many internet users check their email before they do anything else when they wake up in the morning. In a recent study release by the US Direct Marketing Association, it...

  • Six reasons why marketers should embrace cloud computing

    Cloud computing is one of those buzz phrases that you may think means nothing to you as a marketer. In reality, the cloud can help you to leverage marketing automation technology at a low cost, roll it out quickly and start experiencing its benefits within weeks. In a world where marketing automation software is no longer simply a "nice to have", cloud computing is fast becoming the key differentiator. Cloud computing can be loosely defined as a technical architecture where business applications are hosted by a service provider and then accessed by end-users over the Internet. All the computing infrastructure...