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All posts by Ryan Kh

Ryan Kh
Ryan Kh is a big data and analytic expert, marketing digital products on Amazon’s Envato. He is not just passionate about latest buzz and tech stuff but in fact he’s totally into it.
  • Apple HomeKit: Google’s big challenger to your smart home

    A decade after delivering the iPhone to the masses and changing the communications landscape forever, Apple is at it again. This month, at Apple’s WWDC 2016, company executives unveiled ambitious plans for Apple’s HomeKit smart home system. According to reports, HomeKit will have an AI component far better than anything in the works at Google and Facebook, Apple’s two principal competitors in the smart home space.

  • Drone sports photography is on a power play

    Casual sports fans -- not to mention people who couldn’t care less about the home team’s record -- are invariably surprised to learn that professional and collegiate athletes lend their talents to a very high-tech business. Scientists and physicians have been pushing the boundaries of human endurance and resilience since the dawn of the modern pro sports era. As the athletic economy’s growth continues to outpace that of the broader economy, the stakes are getting higher -- and the pace of innovation is accelerating. Broadcasters and content networks are getting in on the innovative action, too. In the past few...

  • How safe is your business from a takedown?

    After a few years of effort, your business has finally seen a major innovation. In fact, you’re expecting your new product to shake up the marketplace. It's a wonderful thing to enjoy ample evidence of success flying in from all directions. But, you may also be at your most vulnerable. You may be at a point where a takedown would destroy everything overnight. No, the takedown won’t come from jealous competitors. It will not come from new government legislation. It will not even come from the unpredictable economy. Instead, it will come from an unexpected place. It may come from a complete stranger hacking into your computer system....

  • Sending payments online: what business need to know

    Each year, society creeps ever closer to an entirely digital life. No matter your business, your customers are going to expect an easier way to pay. Checkout pages are critical for ecommerce businesses, and all other service providers need to offer some varying methods for online billing and payments. Even payroll is simplified when you switch to digital. Make it as easy as possible to send and receive payments by taking advantage of some of the digital and automated methods available to you. Automate Your Payroll System If you’ve got employees (digital or in-house), you’re wasting valuable time and energy by...

  • Wow customers at the post box: how to entice them to buy

    The Internet is where almost everybody lives in this new millennium. It is where we hang out with our friends (social media), do our research (educational sites, online schools, review sites), buy our goods and find people to perform the services we need. We use it to order food, find transportation and express ourselves. It is also where the vast majority of entrepreneurs do business. It is a mistake, however, to believe that the Internet is where all of your business dealings and marketing opportunities lie. The fact is that e-tailers and Web-based entrepreneurs still have to deal with problems...

  • Streamlining processes: how to improve business relations

    The cool thing about streamlining your business is that, well, you can make more money if you do so. You can save yourself time and labor. You can move to a more automated system that allows for growth and you can keep your customers satisfied. All in one fell swoop, as they say. Is this some magic formula that’s been kept in a vaulted dungeon somewhere all these years? Is this some basic business principle that’s been around forever and is now just been given a fancy, new name? Is this just a way to sell you some software?

  • Top ecommerce strategies for customer acquisition and retention

    In the last couple of years, we've seen a major shift in focus among ecommerce merchandising sites. Up until about the year 2011, most sites focused on new customer acquisition. Now, the focus has been diverted towards retaining their customers. A major reason for this change is the recession in the late '00s, which prompted many companies to make dramatic cuts to their marketing budget. Without an appropriate marketing budget needed to reach out to new customers, retail companies developed ways to keep the customers they already had. Additionally, the recession highlighted the frivolous method of trying to keep...

  • Here’s why streamlining is so crucial for customer satisfaction

    Customer satisfaction is by far one of the most important aspects of a successful business. If a company falls short on accommodating the needs of their customers, sales decrease, and the business -- fails. If you’ve been in business long enough, you know that not every customer will be satisfied. However, if a majority of your customers aren’t pleased then Houston, you have a problem. Streamlining Processes and It’s Benefits How can a business owner continue to appeal to the needs of their target customer? By continually looking for ways to streamline day to day processes. Streamlining is essentially the process...

  • How tech is changing the nature of time tracking

    Time tracking has been a part of the daily work day for as long as most of us remember. From the early days of coal miner's having their attendance checked off when they arrived at work for the day and again at night onto grabbing a time card and having it punched or stamped by a clock mechanism. Today, almost every business has some form of time tracking to help keep track of where their employees are and for how long. Unfortunately some companies still rely on employees keeping track of their own hours and turning in timesheets. The problem...

  • What can a major US university teach us about the true cost of DDoS attacks?

    If you were to hear that Rutgers University incurred serious damages, you might assume it was Sunday morning and these came courtesy of the Ohio State football team. Not exactly. What we're dealing with here is the repeated DDoS attacks that have impacted Rutgers so severely that they had to raise students’ tuition to cover the university’s security costs. Attacks like these are happening to organisations all over the world, not matter their size or status. But how can such costly attacks be prevented? A tradition of excellence…and DDoS attacks Rutgers University, the state university of New Jersey, is a public...

  • 5 ways 5G could unleash your creativity

    Digital designers are often hampered by the constraints of the network they’re working with. A mobile app can only include so many features, a website only so many videos before the load time slows down and the user experience suffers. At the moment, web and mobile app design involves the careful balance between user experience and innovative features. But could a new, lightning-fast 5G network change all of this? Proponents think so, seeing it as a way for designers to unleash their creativity without any of the usual constraints experienced today. Here are five ways that 5G could boost...