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All posts by Tasmin Kingma

Tasmin leads media strategy at Hoorah. She is result driven with strong focus on building data lead by technology. She is one of Africa’s finest digital talents and built one of the first programmatic teams in South-Africa. She previously successfully lead a team of 15 media specialist with a client portfolio ranging from Africa to Europe.
  • Dear Digital Industry, it’s time to break data creativity out of their silos

    "Data is the new oil" is a phrase we’ve all seen, in some variation, in conference presentation after conference presentation. Knowing everything about your customers, advertisers are told, means that you can target them with pin-point accurate messaging, saving you money and delivering real business results to your clients. While there is an element of truth in this sentiment, there is a tendency among those who express it to see data as a panacea for all of advertising’s problems. Those on the other side of the fence fear that a focus on data will ruin the creativity on which the advertising...