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Trak.in is a popular Indian business blog which was started by IT professional and self-confessed internet geek Arun Prabhudesai in 2007. It has evolved into a multi-authored news and opinion site which covers topics such as enterpreneurship, startups and technology.
  • Going through a social media crisis? Try over-communicating

    In spite of going “social” and the amount of networking tools, gadgets and countless hours of employee training available, there is never a lack of problems which can be attributed to communication. More often than not, it is due to lack of communication and the quality of the message. Since the time information management came to be the heart of most organizations' structure, effective communication has become vital. In the last few years, social media has taken up a major chunk of the responsibility for communication, with many organizations using it as a medium to connect with their customers. In...

  • Social basics: 10 of the best engagement and analytics tools

    Social media has revolutionised the ways in which the game of marketing, advertising and promotion is played. Almost every brand that exists is now roaring out loud on social media. But there is a lot of skepticism over what makes an impact and what goes unheard. To let brands gauge the impact of their efforts and the direction in which they should focus, social media tools were introduced to make managing and analyzing the data that emanated from overflowing conversations easier. Now, with so many tools cluttering the space, it’s an ordeal to decide what might work for you. If...

  • Have we finally reached the point where desktop OSes don’t matter?

    Before I start this article, I have a disclaimer: I am talking about normal users here, not hardcore gamers or IT professionals. I am not talking about the guy who cannot let the day go by without Counter Strike or the guy whose photos do not get finished without Photoshop. I am talking about the regular Joe who wakes up in the morning and opens up their browser and loads Facebook, Gmail or Twitter. The guy who is connected to all the other regular Joes and who is the gold mine of data that every company is after. Now, the question:...