How to boost your productivity with the iPhone

The iTunes store is bursting with apps designed to improve your productivity. But there are hundreds of options that all do the same thing, so you need to be selective when deciding which ones to use. Memeburn offers you some recommendations which provide extra functionality as well as multi-platform support that is a cut above the rest.


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Evernote is a tool you can use to take notes, create to-do lists, search through images, capture business cards and more. Wikipedia calls it “a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving”. All of the information that you capture is synchronised across all the devices and platforms you use, including Evernote for Mac and for Windows.

Information is automatically indexed, and made searchable, while at the same time synced to your online account. With Evernote, you also have the ability to add tags or to organise your notes into notebooks, according to which project you are working on.

Searching is also made easy with Evernote via the use of the keywords, titles, and tags you have created. Evernote makes printed and handwritten text inside your images searchable by using Optical Character Recognition, so that all you have to do is just snap and save. No more collecting business cards and entering the information by hand.

Yes, the app store is drowning in to-do list apps, but ReQall for the iPhone is a superior list-making and reminder-creating suite. It combines the art of effective to-do lists with voice memos, and finds an effective way to sync them all to your online ReQall account, enabling you to access them from your PC and Mac while on the web.

The service will also convert your voice notes to written ones. Like most dictation services, it has its pros and cons but works well enough. ReQall is also a useful tool for collaboration. It provides your coworkers with a sign-up option for the free service, enabling you to share your projects with them.

Reminders are critical to effective to-do lists, and ReQall can alert you to items pending in several ways, thanks to integrated functionality with most instant-messaging clients, text messaging, and e-mail as well as pop-up reminders on your iPhone screen.

Taskr is another reminder app built with an understanding of the modern consumer who uses more than one device to get through the day. Taskr integrates with a services like Jott, to provide an Adobe AIR desktop application and web interface.

Once again, this means that you can access your info on virtually any platform by logging into the web app from any browser. This makes it possible to add a reminder of something you need done from anywhere. Taskr also has the useful feature of colour-coding your tasks, which allows you to easily rate them in terms of urgency and difficulty.

Remember the Milk
Take your tasks anywhere using this feature-packed task and to-do list app which remains one of the oldest and most popular organisational apps around.

It allows you to see which tasks you can achieve that are located nearby, using iPhone’s GPS. Furthermore you can add and complete tasks on the go and sync them all seamlessly using Remember The Milk online. What this provides is seamless integration with your desktop and other online apps, such as Google Calendar.

Since it’s been around for so long, the app is also available for Windows Mobile and Blackberry. Remember the Milk is a pleasure to use, but a professional account is a must and you’ll have to pay to get the full benefit.

1Password is a “why didn’t I think of that” application. It keeps all your sensitive information stored safely in one place. Think about your login details for webpages, your bank details, library cards, gym cards, ID numbers for you and your kids and just about any sensitive information you have. All of that info can be encrypted with a four-digit code and a master password that you configure after installation.

Once you’ve stored all your information, use 1Password to auto-fill information on sites by using the app’s built-in browser. You can also back up your data on your PC or Mac, but you will need to shell out some cash for the pro version to allow you to cut and paste information from the app into Safari or other apps. And instead of dreaming up random passwords for new sign-ups, the app will generate and remember passwords for your various login points, allowing for much greater security. This could be a great app for business people who travel quite a bit.

LinkedIn for iPhone puts your LinkedIn professional network in the palm of your hand at the moment when you need it. Imagine going to any meeting or job interview with the ability to reference your mutual business contacts, and discuss common points of interest. The app allows you to quickly sync the names, email addresses, and photos of your LinkedIn connections directly into your iPhone address book, which in turn allows you to sync the contact details to your PC or MAC.

With this app you’ll have everything that LinkedIn offers on the web right on your phone. The best feature is that you can connect to those you meet who also use it by syncing your details using bluetooth. No more collecting of business cards, just open the app on both phones and you’re connected to each other through LinkedIn.



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