New and juicy iPhone 5 rumours plus concept shots

WWDC is this week. Crack for the Mac inclined. And the most anticipated product is the iPhone 5. Whether it is released or not, only Apple can say, but here are some rumours flying around the web.


The biggest rumour about the iPhone design is that it will have a 4-inch display, up from the previous 3.5-inch display that has become the norm for iPhones. This is to contend with all the Android powered smartphones with bigger displays and 16:9 aspect ratios. Hopefully, however, it won’t be at the cost to the overall size of the phone, because the gargantuan size of some of the Android devices is a bit extreme.

Chances are this is a dream for the future, but who knows? Apple is known for changing the game, and I think there’s no better time. Potential designs could bring back the curved look that was last seen on the iPhone 3, yet slimmer. The tear drop look is particularly appealing, but for me the best and most game changing look that the iPhone 5 could have would be a completely clear screen. Realistically, though, I think a mix between the 3 and 4 is most likely: a curved back with either a liquid metal case or the 4’s cast aluminium sides.


With all the new programmes coming out for transferring data across devices, what’s the need for yet another program? Rumour has it that Apple might release the iPhone 5 with the Airdrop feature. This program currently allows a Mac user to transfer files from one Mac to another Mac within a 30 or so foot radius, as long as they are both connected to WiFi.

The benefit for an iPhone device with these capabilities is that transferring files across devices is that much easier. One distinct problem I can see with this, and Apple products in general, is music sharing. I can’t see Apple allowing people to share music via Airdrop, which is unfortunate, because music is the thing I would want to share the most. The ease of transfer is key, though, and apparently this will make Bluetooth seem a bit obsolete.

Let’s end off with a few sexy concept shots of the iPhone 5. Of course, none of these will go into production, but it’s nice to look, right?

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