Toshiba enters the ultra-wide ultrabook era

Look at this picture. Stare deeply into it’s cavernous void. Notice something amiss?

It’s a 21:9 aspect ration screen. Holy hell. For the uninitiated that’s well over the 16:9 norm reserved for widescreen displays.

And it’s an Ultrabook, so it kicks serious ass. Toshiba’s U845W crams in an Core CPU, most likely an i7 or i5, into its 14.4-inch, 1 792 x 768 resolution display. If we are going to be technical for a second, it’s no 1080p display but according to Toshiba, you’ll be “wasting pixels”. The 21:9 ratio more than makes up for the lack of full HD.

This bastard’s so big it comes with a split-screen app for “improved multitasking”. Drag an open window or app into this space and the U845W re-sizes it for maximum pixel power. That’s not the only tech spec which places the U845W into godly status.

It rocks Harman Kardon speakers, amped up with with SRS Premium Sound 3D audio processing. So it’s loud, it’s very loud.

Rounding off the specs are the choice of a 250 or 500GB SSD, 8GB RAM and an array of ports. Also, it’s pretty light at 1.5Kg. But it’s damn expensive at US$1000. For this type of tech, the price seems right though. This beast is available soon. There are some other laptops also from Toshiba, the Satellite U845 and Satellite U845 but whatever, these models have normal screen sizes, not ultra-wide displays.



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