Thin and flexible cable batteries outed by LG Chem

There’s one piece of tech that’s been evolving at a slower rate then our precious devices, and that’s batteries. LG’s having none of that and with these images of a new flexible lithium-ion battery our gadgets may finally have the thin, adaptive power requirements they’ve always craved.

According to LG Chem, the flexible battery “can be tied in knots and worn as a bracelet or woven into textiles.” Combine this with a flexible display and we’ve got a phone that can be folded up like a tissue for later. Maybe.

Posable power

Previously flexy-batteries were long and thin. But these babies, wrapped in copper wire and nickle-tin create a metal yarn that holds an electrical charge. For now, testing has been relegated to a fourth-gen iPod shuffle. The researchers managed to power the MP3 player “under severe twisting and bending conditions.” Severe conditions ya’all.

The flexy-battery is still under heavy tests and will most likely remain stuck in the development cycle for years to come. Sadly, this is the exact type of technology we need right now if we want to enjoy gadgets that squeeze into our skin-tight hipster jeans.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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