This is possibly the iPad 5’s rear shell

The alleged rear panel of the iPad 5

The alleged rear panel of the iPad 5

Thanks to, we’ve got another leaked iThing. This time, the rear shell of the iPad 5. The image isn’t as clear as the leaked picture of the budget iPhone, but it’ll do. Is this an open invitation for us to recant the iPad 5 rumors floating about? Hell to the yes.

Thinner, lighter, faster

It’s an apple product, so it’s a given that any upgraded device will have less heft, have a faster CPU (possibly the A7X) and drop a few millimeters in depth. According to some, the screen is going to me a monumental 9.7-inches. And some, like, believe that the new iPad 5 will be 25% lighter and and 15% thinner. Did the iPad 3 and 4 sell poorly in comparison to Apple’s iPad Mini because they were too thick and heavy? Can the iPad 5 emulate the paper-thin magnificence of the iPad Mini? It’s hard to tell from this screenshot but we can definitely tell that it has a camera (top right).


Apple’s iSight, a nifty name for its range of camera’s it’s fitted to the iPhone 4S/5 and other recent iThings has among other things, turned Apple’s devices into fairly decent cameras. Don’t scoff, but when it comes to an iPhone 5 and an S IV, both devices are practically on par when it comes to image quality, in our opinion. The iPad 5 then, will hopefully then come with an 8MP camera, the same as the iPhone 5’s.

Odds and ends 

Without question, the iPad 5 will come in a few well-known sizes. We expect there to be a 16/32/64/128GB version of each iPad 5. Also, the new iPad, like the new iPhones will have an indium gallium zinc oxide display, otherwise known as IGZO. IGZO is “bleeding edge LCD” technology which Apple is cozying up to. IGZO is brighter, uses less power and is up to forty times faster than the response times of standard LCD’s.

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