Lumia 928 challenge demos ‘distortion free audio recording’ powers

Nokia’s latest Lumia, the 928, is up against the Galaxy S III again, in an audio test that shows off its “distortion-free audio recording”. Yesterday, the 928 demoed its HD-recording properties as the Windows Phone recorded a crisp, stutter-free action shot. This time, we’re in New York city as the Lumia 928 records a (literally) underground jazz band.

Nokia’s embedded a volume distortion meter is on the right-hand side of the video. Distortion happens in the red, it says and during the Lumia recording session, the volume never distorts, even at high levels. This could very easily be doctored, but in an era when anything can be taken apart and inspected for half-truths, it’s doubtful.

The Galaxy S III distorts the sound into a tinny tune, and the volume meter quickly jumps into the red. There’s not much else to the video, outside of the fact that there’s no video of the iPhone 5 audio recording. That’s because Apple’s masterpiece has one of the best microphones ever inserted into a smartphone. Three microphones in fact, that virtually eliminate background noise. It’s hard for anyone to topple that, even Nokia with its history of outstanding hardware design. What’s next? Perhaps tomorrow Nokia will drop a sack of iPhones, S IIIs and Lumia 928s into the heart of the sun to see which burns the fastest.



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