‘iPhone 5C’ packaging reveals Apple’s mysterious new C-word

iPhone case 5C

A photo showing a bin of iPhone packaging has surfaced recently. As the labels suggest, the plastic casings are meant for the iPhone 5C– a model name that was up until now, unknown to the general public.

The photo was posted on Chinese website WeiPhone and has many suggesting this to be the retail packaging for the upcoming budget iPhone, the newly named iPhone 5C.

After many leaks and rumours, we’ve kind of have a rough idea of what the budget iPhone may look like. Apparently it’s going to have a plastic polycarbonate shell that looks very similar to the packaging that’s in the photo we’ve posted.

What the “C” stands for, we can only guess. Colour, class, cabbage or cannibal, we don’t know. As hinted before, the low-cost iPhone model is expected to drop in with a range of different rainbow colours, so that’s where most people are placing their money.

It could even be that Apple has become extremely paranoid — putting a copyright symbol in people’s faces by stamping a fat “C” next to the iPhone 5’s logo.

Some have also claimed that the “S” in the iPhone 5S apparently stands for secrecy, speed or even seven. The latter makes Apple’s naming scheme a bit more complicated.

The plastic casing is very similar to the packaging of Apple’s iPod Touch. Both plastic packages leave the top part transparent or open so that the different colours can be showcased.

iLounge reported on the name “iPhone 5C” earlier this year. The popular satire newspaper, The Onion has even done a parody iPhone news piece presenting an iPhone 5C in a rather obscure light meant for college girls.

Is this packaging meant for the low-cost iPhone, is the name of Apple’s new budget device the iPhone 5C and what will the “C” stand for? So many questions. Our money’s on iPhone 5-cabbage, just for laughs.

Image via Weiphone



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