FLD 7.5″ Tablet Pouch review: snug, sturdy and simple

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Out of all the bags FLD has on offer, the 7.5-inch Tablet Pouch is the least intricate. It’s simple, goes for US$25 (R250) and does a good job at being just that. Nothing more, nothing less. Like all the products the company has on offer, the clean and cozy design could be suited to pink, blue or yellow colour schemes.

Mine is yellow, which means that the soft inside fur, as well as subtle design lines and logos on the front cover are coloured. The rest of the outside cover is a dark grey plastic weave that’s apparently also waterproof. All in all, the build and material feels like decent quality which is most likely where that extra 10 bucks would go. It’s a simple yet cozy pouch. At the back there’s a little pocket I use to keep my headphones.

Like a kangaroo and its pouch, I’d be happy to house my baby in this one. Just so, it held my Nexus 7 — the thing I’d consider as probably being the closest thing I have to a baby.

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The design of the bag makes the device quite sturdy as well. When my Nexus is all tucked in, I’m confident in lightly throwing it on the coffee table while slouching back into the couch. I haven’t tested it, but the overall cushiony design and corners feel as if it would handle a fairly rigorous drop test quite well.

As one would think, given that there’s no zip or Velcro flap, carrying your tablet might be a bit dodgy — well, it isn’t really. The tight grip of the pouch makes for a perfect fit and gives it a protective feel, and only when I start tugging at the thing, my tablet would gently slide out.

In any case, some people would still prefer having a simple flap, clip or something to guarantee a steady grip. Me on the other hand, found it more intuitive in just picking it up and letting the tablet slide out with simple signature tuck.

Verdict: This FLD Tablet Pouch is a simple and welcome addition to any tablet. It’s a reliable extension to your device which will fit a 7-incher comfortably well. Some people might enjoy having a dedicated clip or flap for more security but that didn’t phase me. The price is a bit steep but you’ll hopefully get what you pay for in its overall quality.

Score: 8/10



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