HTC One Max spotted with fingerprint scanner on its back

HTC One Max

In a recent string of leaked pictures of the upcoming HTC One Max, we happily get an indication of what to expect from HTC’s “next big thing.” Some of the details that emerged suggest that the HTC One Max is going to be pretty damn big and have a fingerprint scanner.

As seen in the picture, one thing that’s striking is the fact that we can see a fingerprint scanner between the camera and the SIM slot. The fact that it’s sitting at the back of your phone suggests that it’s meant for your forefinger unlike the new iPhone 5s  which requires the users thumb print on the Home button.

HTC One Max fingerprint scanner

The fingerprint scanner has been confirmed by a Verizon telecom retail staff member who supposedly used the phone during training sessions, said The Verge.

Some of the details we can pick up on based on these images include a massive 5.9″ screen size. It’s also not specified, but is shown to be bigger than the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 2. Further features picked up from the images indicate that the Max will have LTE.

The site also states that (according to the images) the Max got a benchmark score of similar to what the HTC One gets. This then supposedly confirms the Snapdragon CPU 600. It also only has room for one micro-SIM as the fingerprint scanner takes up some of the space.

If executed as hoped, the idea of having a fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone again shows us the target market HTC is trying to sway. Beefing up user security has been high on the list of things Apple hopes to achieve. Though the Touch ID is somewhat controversial, it still manages to turn heads.

Rumours suggest the HTC One Max to be unveiled 17 October

Images via SIM Only Radar



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