iOS 7 creator dreams up gold Earpods, gleaming red MacPro for charity

Earpod lead

Jony Ive, Senior Vice President of Design at Apple and the genius/madman behind iOS 7 has turned his attention to one of the company’s charities, (RED). Together with auction house Sotheby’s, Ive has created two beautiful needles in the iOS product landscape. One strikingly red MacPro (between US$40 000 – 60 000), and one pair of solid, rose gold EarPods (between US$20 000 – 25 000).

Jony Ive, together with “celebrated designer” Marc Newson have teamed up to coat two of Apple’s slickest products in precious metals. The 18k gold EarPods will presumably function exactly like the EarPods of old. The same goes for the ultra-powerful and now ultra-handsome 2013 MacPro.

Apple’s done this before: U2 frontman Bono in conjunction with Apple created the red iPod Touch (fifth gen) and has also churned out (RED)-branded covers for most iDevices. The iPod Touch was a slight more affordable than these expensive, once-off products. The auction takes place 27 November so register now if you’d like to own earphones and a PC to place on your diamond-crusted desk.

Yes M'Lord, I'll get your gold EarPods from the study right away
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Gold Earpods

Apple fact: the code name for the iPod was "Dulcimer".

Gold Earpods

Apple fact: Steve Jobs used to pay himself a salary of US$1 per year.

Earpod Lead


Apple fact: the Apple IIe personal computer was on sale for eleven years.


Apple fact: its first slogan was "byte into Apple".


Apple fact: Jony Ive has twins.


Apple fact: Steve Jobs has four children. Three boys and one girl.


Apple fact: the first Apple PC sold for US$666.66

Gold Earpods

Apple fact: Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne were the three founders of Apple.

Image via Sotheby’s

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