Meet iKettle, the Wi-Fi kettle for geeks who love tea (or coffee)


Would you like me to pop the kettle on? That’s your kettle waking you via your smartphone. That’s right, the iKettle works with WiFi and has its own set of culinary skills to geek-up your tea-making experience.

The iKettle by Firebox works with a dedicated iOS or Android app that messages you when your water’s finished boiling — no whistles. It can also be set as an alarm that will then gently wake you from your slumber or ask if it should do its thing when you get home.

The iKettle also has specific temperature control. This means that when you’d like a cup of green tea for instance, the kettle will boil the water up to 80 degrees for instance. If you’d like a cup of coffee the water will boil an “absolute flawless brew” of 95 degrees. It can also keep the water warm for you.

iKettle App

Into home automation? Cough up US$160 and you’ll get yourself what’s probably considered the most tech savvy of all kettles. The iKettle has a stainless steel design, LED Backlit control panel, soft-touch rubber handle and functional filtered spout. Although there are no USB ports, the iKettle is nonetheless one for the books of “The Internet of Things”.

A few years ago there was the story of the kettle that tweets, known as Twettle. This was debuted right after a few other tweeting appliances, such as toasters and toilets though they were all DIY projects and never really caught on.



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