Nokia’s Lumia 2520 tablet outed on Twitter

Lumia 2520

Is what’s pictured above, care of Twitter tipster evleaks the real deal? Possibly. The oft reliable Twitter user evleaks managed to grab a shot of Nokia’s tablet, the Lumia 2520. It’s a great, clear shot of this cyan tablet and looks like it’s taken straight from a press release.

The great eye of Microsoft and Nokia stares down on us, looks in our direction with a lidless glance and casts some unconfirmed specs of “Sirius” our way:

  • It’s going to run Windows RT, which in our opinion is a terrible mistake
  • A  quad-core Qualcomm 8974 (ARM) CPU will power it. This is a good decision by Nokia, let’s explain further. The 8 series Qualcomm CPU is used in mobile, tablet and laptop so it’s very powerful and most importantly, scalable. The 8 series can go up to 2.3Ghz, can play 4K video, runs the LTE bandwidth and can use a camera as powerful as 21MP. These are all great aspects to have for any chipset, especially if Nokia decides to include a beefy camera with the 2520 (which it really should).
  • Saying that, it’s expected that the 2520 will have a 6.7MP Carl Ziess camera
  • It’ll be 590g in weight
  • Internal memory may be 32GB with some form of expandable storage.
  • The screen may be the highlight of the package. It may be an enormous 1920×1080 display crammed into the 10.1″ screen.
  • Price wise, the Lumia 2520 may be no more expensive than a high-end iPad and should come in at R5 000 (US$499)

If it’s real or not, we’ll find out fairly soon 22 November when Nokia’s scheduled event kicks off. Ironically, it’s also the day that Apple plans to release a new iPad. The original tweet that kicked off the Lumia 2520 rumours is embedded below. We have until next Tuesday to see if Nokia’s Lumia tablet is real or not.


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