‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ lower resolution on Xbox One defended by Microsoft

call of duty ghosts

Want your 1080p Call of Duty: Ghosts fix? If you’re going to get an Xbox One, then you’re plum out of luck. As reported earlier last week by Gearnuke, COD: Ghosts developer Activision wanted to harness the full powers of the Xbox One by eating into an extra 10% of the GPU. That extra 10% is reserved for the new Kinect so of course, Microsoft is allegedly having none of that and one tipster, who says his info “comes from a source who I trust without fail” may have found out the reason for that.

Microsoft’s alleged response (none of this is verified)

Ahsan Rasheed, the user on twitter who has these unconfirmed facts is listed as a “Med student, tech enthusiast, gamer, all around good guy” on his Twitter profile so it’s best to take these announcements with a pinch of salt. Because it may all be nonsense.

Except that it’s not. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has officially come out of the tech closet this weekend and said “You do realize you will see every game in 1080p as your output? Devs have to make design tradeoffs, but both systems fully support & output at 1080p.” He even had a tiny fight on Twitter with some irate (are there any other kind?) COD fans:

Sadly for the fans, that means we won’t be seeing COD: Ghosts in that next-gen resolution we all crave. While the Xbox One will upscale from 720 to 1080, the PS4 will run Ghosts in a native 1080p resolution, being the only next-gen console (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U) to do so.



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