LG’s curved UltraHD TV packs 11-million pixels into 105″ of LCD

LG 105 TV

The world’s first 105″ curved UltraHD TV is coming to CES 2014, care of LG and its obsession with all things curved, said PCMag. It’s called the 105UB9 LCD TV and says LG “[it’s] officially the largest curved TV ever made.”

Look at that image — the thing is freaking gigantic. The model next to it could pump up the brightness and use it as a tanning bed. It’s a TV first though, and LG says that its bright new display “renders the minutest detail in breathtaking clarity to create an unprecedented level of viewer immersion. With a resolution of 11-million pixels, the 105-inch curved LCD panel is proof of our continued leadership in the next generation display market, offering exceptional world-class value to our customers”.

Its resolution is a crazy 5120×2160 so there’s always the worry that standard 1920×1080 films will be swallowed by the immense display. Have no fear, croons LG, because “reduced letterboxing” will ensure that films are still watchable. Until everything is 4K and sharper than the tip of a pin.

With a contrast ratio of 21:9 called “CinemaScope” (most high-definition TVs are 16:9), the curved display is supposed to be “more impressive” according to LG’s VP Thomas Lee. Sadly, having a curved TV means that it only works if we’re sitting directly in the middle of the room, staring straight on at the display. As TechRadar says, a curved display may work well in the amphitheater of a movie house, but at home it’s a different story. Anyone slightly off-center to the display will notice the flick of the curve, as we did when we saw an 80″ version of the TV earlier this year. Also, current curved TVs cannot be wall-mounted.

Regardless of this novelty, CES 2014 will be the encore performance of LG’s curved TV, where we’ll hopefully gain a price and release date.

Image via PCMag

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