Next Windows update ‘Threshold’ could see return of Start menu

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A new Windows is coming – its codename? “Threshold” and for those who were happy with the Windows 8.1 update that brought the taskbar back into the limelight, they’ll be equally happy with what Threshold is supposedly bringing to the table. Namely the outright return of the Start menu.

ZDnet was the first site to pickup any whispers of Threshold, saying that according to its sources, the update will run across all three platforms – Windows Phone, Xbox One and Windows – and it’s coming “April 2015”. The name hails from Xbox game “Halo”, and was a moon that the first Halo ring orbited. Good work being on-brand there Microsoft.

Microsoft wants the OS’ to be unified, and not in the merging of Windows Phone and Windows RT we’ve heard so much about. No, Threshold will bring it all together, with plans to unify the app store across all platforms and now there’s also the hopeful return of the Start menu, as theorized by WinSuperSite. The site also theorises (or “know about a few changes that Microsoft is planning”) that Windows 8.1 apps will soon run in a window in desktop mode.

Threshold will also ship as one of three SKU’s. A version for the general user that will look a lot like Windows RT, Windows for the enterprise and a typical Windows setup reminiscent of Windows 7 (thanks to the inclusion of the Start menu).

It’s also possible that the Start menu will only be available as an option in versions of Threshold that have access to the desktop. So this means that the “Windows RT”-like SKU of Threshold most likely won’t come with the Start menu option.

Before any April 2015 Threshold updates, Microsoft already has plans for Windows 8.1 Update 1 which will come alongside the Windows Phone update, codenamed “Blue“. We’ve reached out to Microsoft for any comments it may have regarding any of the updates.




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