Sony’s SPA-TA1 will let you stick a QX10, QX100 camera lens onto your tablet

Are you one of “those people” who uses their tablets as a camera, awkwardly adjusting it at a rock concert and looking like a nut while doing so? Then this slice of technology was made for you. Remember Sony’s QX10 and QX100 Bluetooth SLR-like lens attachments from last year? It’s now coming to tablets in the form of an attachment called the Sony SPA-TA1. Take a gander yonder these words:

Sony SPA-TA1

That’s the extremely handsome Xperia Tablet Z you’re looking at
Sony Japan will launch the tablet attachment arm soon says Xperia Blog for US$36. The arm suits tablets from 85mm to 190mm in length without adding too much weight (it’s only 31g). It launches 4 April 2014 in Japan, but will be cheap enough to import on eBay or the like if it never makes it outside of its launch region.

Sony-SPA-TA1 line up

The list of arm sizes:

  • 85 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
  • 106 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
  • 127 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
  • 148 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
  • 169 × 65.6 × 33.9mm
  • 190 × 65.6 × 33.9mm

Sony-SPA-TA1 2

The various parts of Sony’s SPA-TA1

The Sony DSC-QX100 “Lens-Style Camera” sells for US$500, and if you’re a serious mobile photographer with a tablet, then you’ve really got nothing to lose by buying this cheapie lens arm attachment when it releases 4 April.

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