Boeing’s ‘Black’ super-security phone stops hackers, destroys data


When it comes to secure phones, we’re pretty much in love. We’ve covered the Blackphone extensively and can’t wait to test its apparent “ultra-secure” services. It comes as no surprise then that competitors, once the market has been tested by others, are keen to jump on the more-secure-than-secure bandwagon. First to the bat, it’s Boeing with its take simply called the “Black” phone.

Top marks to the marketing guru’s for coming up with that imaginative name. It’s unique selling point? When the Black phone is physically broken in to, it “blows up” data. Here’s what else the Android-running Black phone offers:

Android Operating System: Convenient smartphone for Android usage
Disk Encryption: Encrypted storage for sensitive data
Hardware Root of Trust: Ensures software authenticity
Hardware Crypto Engine: Protects stored and transmitted data
Embedded Secure Components: Enables trusted operations
Trusted Platform Modules: Provides secure key storage
Secure Boot: Maintains device image integrity
Hardware Modularity: Endless modularity capabilities

With these intense-sounding software and hardware specs, the main draw will be the software destruction via the hardware. The Verge dug this up via an FCC listing:

The Boeing Black phone is manufactured as a sealed device both with epoxy around the casing and with screws, the heads of which are covered with tamper proof covering to identify attempted disassembly. Any attempt to break open the casing of the device would trigger functions that would delete the data and software contained within the device and make the device inoperable.

There’s no launch date or pricing for the Black phone, but we’re sure that once it is deemed safe (as in it won’t blow our finger off when we change the battery), it’ll see a launch in the US first. Secure further information regarding the Boeing Black here, soldiers.

Steven Norris: grumpy curmudgeon


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