WiseButton to become the universal remote for our phones

WiseButton gold

There are a lot of things we lose in our lives. Our sanity comes second to keys and our phones, which vanish at an alarming rate. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a magic button that could solve these problems? That’s what the WiseButton wants to become, and will be as it’s fully funded on Indiegogo.

WiseButton is a small radial button on a keychain fob which connects to “any” mobile OS: Android, Windows Phone or iOS (no BB 10 OS) and becomes a handy shortcut for features like music playback, photo galleries and video presentations. It’s also a keen security system and when the attached bluetooth device is more than 20 feet from WiseButton, an alarm sounds. We’ll also be able to push Search on the WiseButton to directly locate our phone, and vice-versa.

Keeping track of multiple items of importance is even easier, and with WiseButton stickers, the device can locate anything “stuck” within 150 feet. Pop a sticker on a hyperactive bulldog or a laptop bag and WiseButton will track them all, with the touch of button oddly enough.

The makers of the WiseButton have developed software that is so simple even kid can get to grips with it, they say. WiseButton also comes in myriad colours, which are all fairly iPod in hue.

There are also black, silver and gold WiseButtons with metal cases and leather holders. These business-like colours are all perfectly lovely, but will increase the price of the fairly inexpensive WiseButton.

WiseButton finder

Default pricing is US$35 for a WiseButton, US$19 for two bluetooth stickers, US$45 for the business-y model and a whopping US$70 for the gold and leather one. Overall, WiseButton is a fantastic idea and implemented so cheaply that it’s no wonder the thing has been funder US$61 218 of its initial US$1000 goal. Funding ends 21 March, with no word from the creator on a shipping date. We can’t wait to get our hands around one, as we’ve lost enough keys in our lifetime.


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