‘Walking Dead’ PS4 coming 17 June and ‘Watch Dogs’ details revealed

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Twitter tipster Shinobi602 is something of a game rumour legend who’s today, dropping hints for upcoming console titles. While these tweets are yet to be established, Shinobi602 is a user responsible for confirming and breaking many controversial gaming stories. Let’s see what he has in stock for us.

The tweet links to this image:

Walking dead ps4

So that’s the Walking Dead: Game of the Year Edition coming to PS4 17 June for US$29.99. This rumour seems all but confirmed by Sony itself.

A sequel to GRID is incoming for last-gen consoles and the PC. Clicking the link embedded in the tweet takes us to the German arm of Eurogamer, where it lists GRID: Autosport with a 27 June 2014 release date for PC and Xbox 360.

For those who played Fatal Frame or any of its sequels, this news will satisfy. The Wii U is without a truly frightening horror game, so hopefully Fatal Frame will be it.

With Destiny only releasing 9 September, what exciting news will Bungie and publisher Activision reveal to us? What’s more exciting are all the tweets surrounding one of the most discussed games of the past few years, namely Watch_Dogs. With further details surrounding the open-world game dropping next week, these hints will have to do.

There’s even mention of GTA V-style hideouts/apartments and usable computers in Watch_Dogs.

There’s also something “major” coming to the PS4. But it’s not the hinted-at reboot of Uncharted.

We already knew that trouble was brewing with Naughty Dog (the “ND” mentioned above) and Shinobi602’s tweet even points to a reboot of this million-selling series.

It seems that June’s E3 will once again be the launching-pad for most new games, sequel or otherwise.

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