GoPro-killer CENTR captures 4K panoramic video from a doughnut

CENTR camera

What happens when a few former Apple employees unleash their creative license? They build the ironically-named CENTR, a palm-sized panoramic video-camera that makes the GoPro seem rather ordinary.

The US$399, stately designed black and white digital doughnut houses a “4K resolution panoramic camera” able to capture surroundings in real time 360° detail.

It should be noted that CENTR’s “4K” is not the traditional 4K associated with current screens. The device cleverly employs four 5MP cameras, effectively 20MP in total, to shoot 6900×1080 and 4600×720 panoramic video, in 1080p and 720p modes, respectively. If panoramic mode isn’t needed, CENTR’s individual camera selection allows the user to shoot from a single camera. By putting one’s finger through the middle of CENTR, the user can also record images and video without obstructing the cameras.

The user can connect to and control the device via Bluetooth, WiFi or USB 3.0, through an app installed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The user can also retrieve or stream images to a computer, tablet or smartphone via the app.

Storage comes courtesy of 8GB internal memory but should the user require a bit more, there is MicroSD card support. CENTR’s easily removable battery module lasts a modest two hours between charges, which could be seen as the device’s only shortcoming. The little device is also “splash proof,” allowing the user to record adventures in nature’s wetter environments.

CENTR also supports the current GoPro mounts or any tripod mount, meaning that a GoPro user could easily strap CENTR onto virtually anywhere.

Currently a Kickstarter project, the CENTR team hopes to ship the device exclusively to backers by February 2015. The project currently has raised a third of their US$900 000 goal thus far, but the project’s popularity is quickly growing. In fact, CENTR’s client list already include big names like “Red Bull, FOX Sports, National Geographic, and the US Army.”

Prospective users can pre-order via their website. Take a look at the growing number of example videos on their  YouTube channel.

Andy Walker, former editor


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