Stir’s Kinetic Desk with Fitbit integration creates health-tracking ecosystem


The Stir Kinetic Desk, the “world’s first” actively learning work surface can now exchange wellness information with the Fitbit range of health bands, Stir has announced.

The new partnership will allow wearers of the Fitbit (namely the Flex, One and Zip) and users of the Kinetic Desk, to track their fitness more intricately than ever before.

Stir’s US$3890, American-built Kinetic Desk actively records data regarding its user’s sitting and standing habits, resultant calories burnt and overall wellness. It learns user preferences through some nifty software, while intelligent motors allow the legs to extend if the user has been sitting too long. They also make the Kinetic Desk fully adjustable regardless of the user’s stature, making it a tailor-made work surface solution.

The Kinetic Desk’s latest automatic software upgrade will allow users of Fitbit devices to exchange information with the desk via WiFi. This will allow users of the Fitbit One and Zip to visually track calories burnt at the Kinetic Desk, while Fitbit information in turn will be displayed on the Kinetic Desk’s intuitive touchscreen.


Josh Makower, a Stir investor speaking at the announcement, sees this as a major step forward in personal wellness quantification.

“As we look for seamless locations to measure important health data and provide useful feedback towards personal wellness, the desk represents a new and exciting palette upon which to develop new applications. The Stir platform represents the next significant domain in the workplace for individual health management.”

The Kinetic Desk is also rather convenient, hosting a number of creature comforts including built-in cable management and charging docks tucked away in its surface. Customers can also pick from a wide range of hardwood finishes and glowing underside lighting, including ultramarine, green, crimson and charcoal.

More information on the Kinetic Desk is available on Stir’s website.

Andy Walker, former editor


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