Someone leaked 42 screenshots from ‘The Last of Us: Remastered’


The Last of Us: Remastered drops 29 July 2014, or next week Tuesday. Therefore, excuse me if I become giddier than usual. To add fuel to an already roaring fire, gaming forum NeoGAF has gone and added 42 screenshots from The Last of Us: Remastered.  Inspecting the dimensions of each screenshot reveals a 1920×1080 (full HD) image resolution, which is what development house Naughty Dog has promised that The Last of Us: Remastered will natively run at. Some of the images are strangely blurry, but overall the game looks sharp, crisp and most importantly, full HD.

Recently in The Last of Us: Remastered news, the games sound designer Robert Krekel had to defend the US$50 price tag for the game. Krekel took to twitter, saying that it’s a “steal” at that price. Included with the high-res graphics and sound is the Left Behind DLC, eight new multiplayer maps, cinematic commentary and some pre-order exclusive multiplayer extras.


On to the screenshots, but be warned, some of these images contain spoilers as most seem to be taken from the introduction stage. Don’t forget to click each image for an expanded view. Also, do you think these screenshots show promise, or are you worried that this will play and look like a lazy upgrade?

Click here to download all the screenshots at full resolution

New screenshots from the Last of Us: Remastered
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