Two new ‘GTA V’ strip clubs revealed by savvy fan

bahama mamas gta

Strip clubs don’t quite fall within the spectrum of tech, but in the world of Rockstar’s GTA V, anything usually goes. Now, a GTA fan has uncovered what he believes are two new leaked strip clubs that may feature in an upcoming DLC for GTA V and GTA Online.

The YouTuber, dubbed MrBossFTW, while trawling the map, has spotted what looks like two new gentlemen’s entertainment establishments in North Vinewood and Vespucci Beach respectively. If these hotspots are indeed planned for future releases, they would likely push as a payed-for DLC.

hornbills gta

“Hornbills”, the first stop on his tour, fits the gentlemen’s club stereotype and the leaked building layout well, while “Bahama Mamas” could possibly be a Barney Stinson-friendly joint, including possible mission sources and of course, “entertainment options”. The latter is reminiscent of clubs found in The Ballad of Gay Tony pack.

Browsing through the video’s YouTube comments though, its clear that some players want more “heists” and less waffling about spending unnecessary cash. Of course, the last DLC issued by Rockstar was the ever controversial Independence Day-themed pack, that included monster trucks, Star-Spangled Banner-themed clothing and the ever patriotic Firework Rocket Launcher.

Connoisseurs of the game’s digital funhouses shouldn’t start saving their dollar bills just yet. GTA V, for those who simply cannot wait any longer, will only release for next-generation consoles PC by November.

Whether we’ll see more naughty fun houses in the near future is completely up to Rockstar. Have a look at the video below.



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