Google Glass finally available on Play Store but remains overpriced

Google Glass

Google Glass, the wearable everyone loves to hate, is now available to purchase via the Google Play Store. But it should be noted that the US$1500 gadget will only be available for those in the US and a few other countries. South Africans, you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Previously, Glass hopefuls had to apply for “Explorer” (or beta) status, and were then handed the glorious gadget but now it’s available to all, Explorer, developer or not. Those hoping that Google would slash the price to appease the peasants will be unhappy to know that this is not the case. Perhaps it’s because Google will throw in a free pair of shades or lenses. How kind.

But Google is not the only company in the smart glass/augmented reality game. Last week, we mentioned Baidu’s Glass-challenger dubbed the Eye, that uses audio cues mated with a camera to make the augmentation experience less intrusive to the bystander.

Other companies like Epson, Lenovo and Sony are also offering glasses that do the same thing Glass pretends to do, but cost significantly less in comparison.

While not yet available via official Google channels yet in Southern Africa, online retailer Takealot is offering the gadget to South Africans for R27 000. Incredibly, this is for a gadget under “beta” or “Explorer Edition” status.


Andy Walker, former editor


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