iPhone 6 rumour round-up: two days until Apple reveals its secrets

Apple iPhone

Apple iPhone

The iPhone 6, the phone everyone simultaneously hates and loves, is coming. But when will it launch, what will it look like and will you have the money to afford one? We’ve rounded up the more interesting iPhone 6 rumours floating in the sticky net of the interwebs, so keep coming back to this page as we update it when a rumour decides to pan out. All news at the top of the post is the latest development the iPhone 6.

The video we’ve been waiting for, forever

We’re just two days away from the iPhone 6’s mega launch, when for a brief moment the world of technology will stand still, and then run around frantically in an attempt to sum up the news.

Arguably, there are probably a few iPhone 6’s floating around already. The latest video tries to prove this, and is the one we’ve all been waiting for. It allegedly depicts a working iPhone 6 alongside the current-gen iPhone 5s. What’s more, it seems that the larger bar of soap is actually a legit device.

Although we’d love to say it is, we’re not sure if the genius who managed to smuggle an iPhone out of the factory is an honest man. But have a look at the video, helpfully dubbed over in English, and judge for yourself.

Do you believe that this is the official iPhone 6? Let us know.

And the lines begin to snake…

It’s both a testament to the enduring love Apple fans have for the company, and their resultant insanity that sees countless die-hards raid the pavements prior to an Apple launch.

Some incredibly tough-skinned examples have parked outside the Apple stores of New York City to literally wait, come rain and shine, for the iPhone 6’s retail debut. Of course, based on the trail of leaks we’ve outlined so labouriously in this post, we know the iPhone will be unveiled on 9 September, but when will it go on sale? That hasn’t yet been announced by Cupertino.

These fans will likely be hoping that the answer is “very, very soon.”


iPhone 6 released before release?

It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend, but slowly, the rumour mill is grinding to a halt. But nevertheless, this means that the actual iPhone, in its official wrapping is due in less than a week.

Russian YouTube channel Rozetked has published the leak to end all leaks — what seems to be the iPhone in all its glory, before it gets the glory.

But of course, leaks being leaks, we cannot deny or confirm this, have fun watching the video below.

i6 to have two processors

Multiple processors are commonplace in smartphones and the iPhone 6 is set to continue that trend. Dubbed “Phosphorus”, the companion chip will sit alongside the primary A8 processor. While the A8 will likely be dual-core clocked at 2.0GHz, the Phosphorus will be vastly under-powered. But for good reason.

GeekBar leaked on Weibo that the Phosphorus’ purpose is to collect sensor data from the plethora of sensors and send it to HealthKit. It makes sense to offload the work to a dedicated chip, but does this demonstrate how serious Apple is about the iPhone 6’s health attributes and its target market?

China Telecom leaks i6

China Telecom, you naughty devil. The state-owned telecommunications company has posted pictures of what looks to be the new iPhone 6 on Weibo. It must’ve been a mistaken misfiring, because the chap in charge of the account has since pulled the image.

Luckily for the world, Sina News was quick to take a screenshot of the gaffe, as viewed below.

Interestingly, this is the first leak from an actual telecom company. We’ve previously seen errors made by Amazon and Alibaba, but this leak takes us one step closer to the iPhone 6’s tangible shell.

The grey bar across the camera and LED is a new feature not seen in previous leaks, and makes the phone look wonderfully elegant. But talk of a glowing Apple logo seems incorrect, judging by this image. Either way, we should expect a show and dance from Apple as early as 9 September.

iPhone “6L” shell spotted

With just weeks before the iPhone 6 could be unveiled by Apple, the leaks are gaining momentum. Evasi0njailbreak is the latest site to published pictures of what is, allegedly, both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ “L” variants’ rear shells.

Both come from sources “deep within” Appleville, and while nothing is confirmed as yet, these do look rather genuine.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know in the comments.

Images: Evasi0njailbreak.com

i6 screen will suck

The iPhone is… not quite here yet. But Feld & Volk has apparently snapped the most telling images of the unit thus far.

Alongside the images, Feld & Volk have suggested that the iPhone 4.7″ will have a strange 1424×878 screen resolution. The 5.5″ will apparently feature the 1704×960 screen. This doesn’t ease the pain for Apple fans though — the resolution is still well below the 1080p benchmark.

Images: Feld & Volk

5.5″ i6 to be named iPhone 6L?

The larger iPhone 6 may be getting a new moniker according to Apple Daily. According to the site, the 5.5″ iPhone 6 will be called the “iPhone 6L”, with the L standing for “larger.” It could be hogwash, but it has been used before to denote larger devices (think cars), just not on handsets.

On the back of the name, 9to5Mac suggests the 5.5″ model will get a 2915mAh battery — much larger than the 4.7″ 1810mAh.

Other news comes courtesy of nowhereelse.fr, with talk of a reversable USB cable. To simplify, the Apple USB cable could be shoved into the port either way, not quite like the new USB Type-C port though.



It may possibly be the smartest tweak on the new iPhone, and ironically, it’s not even on the device itself.

TMZ snaps “official” iPhone 6

You don’t expect leaks from celebrity rumour sites, unless they’re doing particularly badly and need some traffic — TMZ for example.



The website claims to have acquired the new, working and official iPhone 6, with its screen on and gleaming. It looks very much like the real thing, and TMZ vehemently suggests that it is, but others in the leak world are not so sure. Sonny Dickson, for example, calls TMZ’s bluff on Twitter, suggesting that the phone pictured is simply a Chinese knock-off.



We’re siding with Dickson on this one, but what do you think? Do you believe TMZ has the new iPhone 6? Let us know in the comments.

Latest iPhone 6 leak the “real deal”

There has been a lull in captivating iPhone rumours and leaks recently. Apart from the purported packaging leak — which has since been dinged by numerous news outlets as being fake — there hasn’t been much to write home about, until now.

The venerable Sonny Dickson has tweeted another picture of the iPhone 6’s rear end, and suggests that it is in fact, “100% the real deal. Just wait and see.” Unfortunately, that tweet has since been removed.



Spigen is also getting in on the act. The Korean manufacturer of apparel for the iPhone, has ousted pictures of the device as well tipping the appearance of the phone for what must be the thousandth time.

spiegen iphone 6

It’s easy to suggest that the buzz surrounding the iPhone 6’s purported launch date is ramping up nicely.

iPhone coming early, according to Re/Code

After about four different predicted launch dates, and a bevy of red-cheeked leakers who thought they had it all figured out, Re/Code are now suggesting that 9 September will be the date Apple finally launching its iPhone 6 to the public.

According to the insider report, Apple has a media extravaganza penned for that particular Tuesday. Of course, with Apple being Apple, it’s failed to respond to the reports.

Yesterday, we reported that the recent factory explosion in China could halt production efforts at Foxconn factories in the East of the region, but judging by the newly uncovered date, either this won’t affect the iPhone line, or Foxconn have been manufacturing these things from the get go.

And to add further intrigue to the matter, Apple has launched the past three iterations of the iPhone in September, since 2011.

East China explosion could affect i6 launch

As if the iPhone 6 couldn’t be hit with another production crisis, the recent aluminium dust explosion leaving 75 factory workers dead and around 150 others injured will surely affect production and launch date of Apple’s flagship handset.

The explosion in East China affected an aluminium polishing plant, and according to reports, will open a national safety investigation into most metal plants in China, affecting output. Although the iPhone 6 was originally slated for September, with the latest reports suggesting a 14 October launch, this could push the phone’s release date back even further.

Surprisingly accurate iPhone 6 knock-off unboxed

It’s a slow news day unfortunately, so that means limited iPhone 6 rumours making the rounds. But thankfully, there are plenty of knock-offs just waiting to be unboxed.

Tech of Tomorrow did exactly that over the weekend, acquiring an other-worldly Android-masked fake iPhone 6. After spending around US$200 for the unit (allegedly from China), users get one of the most elaborate fake products imaginable, complete with home button and all.

It may look real, but the internals can’t quite keep up with the UI, nor can the UI keep up with its charade. Hilariously, holding down the home button opens Google Now and not Apple’s Siri. It’s an impressive piece of fake kit though. Have a look at the video below.

iPhone 6 to launch 14 October

After nearly every other rumour pointed to a launch sometime in September, the latest source (courtesy of MacRumors) “citing an internal Apple Retail Store meeting” notes that the iPhone 6 will be unveiled in all its glory, 14 October.

It’s the same month that Apple is planning to launch the “iWatch”, iOS 8, new Macs, iPads and OSX Yosemite. In essence, every product is set to get an upgrade in October.

With the production issues, and Sapphire Glass crisis plaguing the industry, this date may be closer to the truth, but as per always, we have no idea when the actual device will be unveiled until Apple opens its mouth.

Lux iPhone 6 comes with diamonds and gold

How does a US$4495 diamond encrusted, 24-carat gold 4.7″ iPhone 6 sound? Yes, ludicrous indeed, but the creator of this expensive monster, Brikk, will add a few other sparkly bits to the Lux iPhone 6:

“The Lux iPhone 6 is built with the 4.7-inch, 128GB model, and is available in 24-carat yellow gold, 24-carat pink gold and pure platinum. Customers may also choose to embellish the familiar Apple logo in a premium diamond version of the Lux iPhone 6 in Gold or Platinum with Diamonds, adding over a carat of perfect white diamonds to their device. Non-plated versions in the original black or white finishes are also available complete with Brikk’s diamond Apple logo.”

brikk iphone

The iPhone may not have the specification sheet to beat the likes of the LG G3 or the HTC One M8, but it’ll definitely be more expensive (in this guise at least) than both combined.

For an idea of just how lavish these handsets are, have a look at Brikk’s rendition of the iPhone 5s below.

NFC, WiFi chip spotted on iPhone mainboard

Massive iPhone news today, courtesy of French leakers nowhereelse.fr.

We’ve seen internal cabling purporting to be from the iPhone 6, but up until now, no one had a clue what the device’s motherboard would look like, or what chips it was likely to flaunt. The images acquired by “Chinese sources” look much like previous generation iPhone innards, but what’s truly telling is the bracket’s extended width and length — akin to that of the larger iPhone 6.


But even more telling is the presence of an NFC chip — a technology Apple has refused to adopt for as long as anyone can reasonably remember, but has been rumoured for inclusion. Additionally, Steve Hemmerstoffer, editor of nowhereelse, notes the device sports a the latest WiFi 802.11ac capable module — a standard approved only in January 2014.

Images: nowhereelse.fr

iPhones 6 up for preorder on Chinese vendor’s site

iphone 6 taobao
Impatient vendors or abundant knock-offs? Chinese vendor Alibaba Taobao must be listing about ten iPhones on its site, all claiming to be the upcoming iPhone 6. They range from CNĄ3 800 (US$614) to about CNĄ5 000 (US$807). It’s markedly less than Japanese price listings, but it’s still fairly steep compared to previous estimates.

It seems that all leakers can agree on one thing though — the iPhone 6 will be here sometime in September.

iPhone sales boosts Apple revenue

For those suggesting that the iPhone 5s and 5c have lost their pulling power, have a look at Apple’s latest earnings release.

The Company posted quarterly revenue of $37.4 billion and quarterly net profit of $7.7 billion, or $1.28 per diluted share. These results compare to revenue of $35.3 billion and net profit of $6.9 billion, or $1.07 per diluted share, in the year-ago quarter. Gross margin was 39.4 percent compared to 36.9 percent in the year-ago quarter. International sales accounted for 59 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

The iPhone saw 12.7% Q3 2014 growth year-on-year, selling a massive 35.2 million units with no sign of slowing anytime soon. Interestingly, even though the iPhone 6 is scheduled for release in a few months time, the legacy iPhone sales is currently propping up the iPad and other devices. If this is any signal to the iPhone 6’s future demand, Apple manufacturers, like Foxconn, will definitely need all 100 000 of its newly hired workers.

iPhone 6 logo likely to shine, Chinese pricetag disappoints

Finally. An image that half-supports the presence of a glowing cut-out logo has surfaced. Thanks to Uswitch in collaboration with Sonny Dickson (once again), Apple fans may look forward to the famous glowing apple on their next handset.

The logo may be used for notifications too, which would be a rather spectacular event upon each message received.

In addition, the price and release date has been leaked in China thanks to good ol’ Weibo. What looks to be a promotional leaflet has appeared on the social networking site, stating that both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ will go on sale from 19 September, with the former retailing for (a ridiculous) US$850 and (an even more ridiculous) US$1 012 respectively. Steep? Indeed.

iPhone 6 trumps 5s in sandpaper test

Up to now, the only thing that has really destroyed a new iPhone 6 Sapphire Glass panel was a 1.4 ton car. Now it seems that arrows shot by ferocious tattooed men and something as simple as sandpaper can be just as deadly for the screen as a tyre.

Marques Brownlee, in addition to giving a brief lecture about the Mohs Scale (the ranking substances’ relative hardness), the iPhone 6’s alleged Sapphire Glass panel is subjected to the sandpaper test. The poor iPhone 5s tested alongside it succumbed as well, but it’s pure Sapphire TouchID button was unscathed.

It is clear that the iPhone 6’s panels will not be pure Sapphire, citing costs and availability constraints, but it is interesting to note just how tough the substance on the TouchID button is. Have a look at the video below.

Foxconn assembles 100 0000-strong army as iPhone production nears

The iPhone 6 will enter mass production next week, according to a report published by Taiwan’s United Daily News. Hopefully this will mean some more substantial leaks, as factory workers get their hands on finished products.

On the Sapphire Glass front, Cult of Mac is reporting the scarce availability of the (virtually) unbreakable material could only feature on the flagship 5.5″ 128GB, but there hasn’t been a leak featuring the miracle faceplate yet.

Foxconn has also announced that it will be hiring an additional 100 000 workers, or the equivalent of a large town, to meet demand for the handsets. With Apple ordering a ridiculous 68 million units, the company will definitely need the bolstered workforce.

(Fake) iPhone 6 available for pre-order

While Apple dilly-dallies on a launch date for its iPhone 6, skilled knock-off manufacturers are taking matters into their own hands. There are two videos showcasing the premature fabrication of Cupertino’s super phone, recently uncovered by 86Digi and recorded by YouTuber Jacky Zou.

The Wico i6 looks every bit like a working dummy unit, down to its munched logo and FCC-approved markings on its rear quarters. The OS also replicates the fades and transitions of iOS 7, while all the ports are exactly where the torrent of leaks have suggested they’d be. You can only really tell its a fake when scrolling into the “About” screen.

The GooPhone i6 is less precise in its outright copying. GooPhone is renowned (and hated by manufacturers) for making really great knock-offs, but this isn’t the company’s best attempt. Ironically, everything looks very much like iOS, until the user opens the blatantly obvious Android keyboard and gallery. If the video doesn’t get you riled, you’ll certainly love the advertisement, pictured above. The features, aren’t really that bad either.

Here’s to hoping that Apple can at least beat the GooPhone’s specifications when it launches the official iPhone 6.

Image: GooPhone

iPhone 5s top of the pops

Any idea what the world’s most loved smartphone is? Thanks to Monthly Market Pulse’s monthly tally of handset sales, we now do.

top 10 smartphone list may 2014
Although Apple’s planning to scrap their flagship handset allegedly this September, it’s still spanking the Samsung Galaxy S5 with a rather large stick.

The survey tallies scores across 35 countries, taking into account total sales accrued for the month of May 2014. It’s impressive to note that on the brink of the iPhone 6’s launch, the success of the 5s, and more importantly, the 5c handsets, is very impressive.

Whether the iPhone 6 can carry on its brother’s legacy, especially on the back of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy Alpha, will remain to be seen.

5.5″ launch pushed back to 2015; Amazon Japan leaks 4.7″

Just when we all thought that Apple had sorted out its plethora of manufacturing issues, another rears its ugly head. This time, respected industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, has revealed to Apple Insider that the 5.5″ big daddy iPhone 6 may only see the back of the factory doors by next year.

Thanks to flaws in its “in-cell touchscreen panel”, and “colour unevenness” on the phone’s metal casing, it may not be launched alongside its smaller brother this September after all. Previous issues on the 5.5″ included battery depth problems and Sapphire Glass unavailability, but both have since been resolved.

iphone 6 amazon japan

In other news, Amazon Japan has landed itself in hot water after posting an iPhone 6 listing on its site. Although the online shopping brand is renowned for popping anticipated products onto its shelves well before launch, this particular gaffe seems markedly different.

The iPhone image (thanks to LoadTheGame for the screenshot) screams “mockup”.

In addition, the astronomical price tag of ¥139 999 (US$1380) is miles off many industry estimates thus far. Of course, this could’ve been a not-so-innocent prank pulled off by a few savvy Apple fans or an overeager Amazon employee, but we won’t know for sure until the device is launched.

Sapphire Glass conquered by a tyre

It turns out that the iPhone 6’s Sapphire Glass screen’s only weakness is… a car tyre.

A new video uncovered by nowhereelse.fr and put together by Taiwan Apple Daily, has thrown the faceplate under a serious set of stress tests, including an open flame, a hammer and nail, keys, coins, even two pair of pliers. But the screen stands up to it all.

The screen is finally undone by a car slowly rolling over it. BGR notes that it may be the actual frame curve around the screen, and not the result of the glass weakness itself, that allowed the screen to flex just enough to shatter. One would need to test this again with the entire Apple body for it to be particularly valid.

Still, Sapphire Glass looks to be the future of mobile device screens, especially with such immense strength and durability.

Have a look at the factually hilarious video below.

TSMC, not Samsung, to build A8 chips

It seems as though Apple and Samsung can now enjoy a proper rivalry when the former’s latest mobile chip is released. WSJ is today reporting that the Korean electronics giant will not be involved in the manufacturing of Apple’s upcoming A8 SoC. Instead, Taiwan’s TSMC will be pressing the fresh silicon for Cupertino from now on. WSJ also notes that both companies will be working “together on more advanced chips” for next year, possibly featuring an even smaller 16nm process.

The 20nm A8 will likely be significantly faster than the ageing A7 nonetheless, use less battery yet pack more power. With the rumoured underwhelming batteries shoved into the iPhone 6’s backplate, the A8 will need to be a monumentally frugal chip.

Although TSMC will be responsible for the A8’s production, Samsung still pumps out Apple’s A7 SoC (used in the iPhone 5s), so for now, there’s still a little bit of Korea in each iPhone.

Futuristic all-glass iPhone technology patented

Sapphire Glass, if used on the next-generation iPhone will likely change the device, and future Apple mobile devices, for years to come. An iDevice made completely of this material though seems a bit far-fetched to say the least. Somebody who doesn’t quite agree is Sir Jony Ive.

Apple’s SVP of design has been co-credited with yet another startling patent, this time for a seamless, all-glass bodied iPhone featuring multiple glass plates “joined using a glass fusing process.” Filed in January 2012, it has only been recently approved.

For those who have dropped an iPhone before, this may seem like a truly diabolical idea, but the ridiculous durability of Sapphire Glass as been showcased in a recent video posted by video-blogger Marques Brownlee.

Thanks to Sonny Dickson, Brownlee acquired an alleged 4.7″ iPhone 6 faceplate and tested its mettle by stabbing it repeatedly with a knife, bludgeoning it with a set of keys and bending it beyond normal glass (or and normal phones) breaking point. It didn’t budge, nor was the glass scarred at all.

Have a look at the incredible video below.

Subpar battery touted and uto-unlock patent uncovered

Well this is not news that any prospective iPhone 6 buyer wants to hear — if the news coming out of the Far East is indeed true, then Apple’s latest superphone will likely have an incredibly weak battery. Understandably, and it being a new phone, the iPhone 6 (both models) have increase capacities, but it’s nowhere near the increase one should expect.

The 4.7″ model, as a result, will host a feeble 1800mAh battery while the 5.5″ will get a not-much-larger 2500mAh power store. When comparing these figures to other phones’ like the Samsung Galaxy S4 (2600mAh), the Nexus 4 (2100mAh) and the LG G3 (3000mAh), both Apple products look rather vapid.

Of course, iOS 8 is a much more efficient OS than its predecessor, and the A8 SoC may make use of smart under-volting and offloading technology, adjusting processor power based on demand, but this surely can’t account for the shockingly small battery capacity.

Additionally, reports are emerging that the iPhone 6 may make use of clever a auto-unlocking feature when in a “safe” home network. A patent filing uncovered by Mashable has suggested that the handsets may allow the user to bypass a PIN when in the office or at home. This somehow sounds like a bad idea for privacy, especially for the workplace, but it would definitely be convenient in some respects.

Multicoloured dummy iPhone 6 units spotted in the wild

Yet another set of dummy units has been spotted, but this time they’re colourful. Sonny Dickson (who seems to be the source of 90% of the Apple leaks this year) has kindly snapped three flavours of iPhone 6, including a champagne-tinge, a titanium-hue and a more classic, sleek black model. Ironically, they could very easily be mistaken for HTC One M8, rather than any Apple product.


There’s no Apple logo on the back of any of them either, and Dickson makes sure to hashtag the tweet with “#NotReal”, but this may be the colour selection offered once the iPhone 6 finally comes out.

These are the prettiest iPhone 6 mockups yet

The dummy iPhone 6 models have been disappointing for many, with bad finishes and low quality materials. Of course, by virtue of the fact that they are “dummy” models, this is to be expected.

Now, a new mockup released makes all previous iPhone 6 leaks seem decidedly shoddy. Designer Mark Pelin (uncovered by 9to5Mac) has published
the best set of mockups we’ve seen to date. Here’s hoping that the iPhone 6 will be as pretty as this.




Images: Mark Pelin via 9to5Mac

A9 CPU nearing production, iPhone 6 innards revealed

Two tasty rumours are abound today with implications for the iPhone 6 and future iDevices as well.

Firstly, the International Business Times is today reporting that Apple is already preparing production of its next mobile processor — the A9. The A8, although yet to be launched or included in any devices thus far, will makes its home in both Apple iPhone 6 models. The 14nm A9 will likely see inclusion in the iPhone 7, or perhaps even an iPhone 6 “upgrade.” Additionally, Digitimes is reporting that four companies are vying for a piece of the A9 production pie, namely Intel, TSMC, Globalfoundries and Samsung, with the former duo in pole position.

Secondly, after yesterday’s faceplate launch, an album of the iPhone 6’s purported innards has finally surfaced. Apple Club has unearthed what is likely flex cables for external button connections, similar to the iPhone 5s’s implementation.



With a rumoured launch date of 19 September, these may or may not be actual components of the iPhone 6, but until Apple spills some beans, we can only hold our breath.

Images: via Apple Club

Is this the 4.7″ iPhone 6’s faceplate?

If insiders are to be trusted in the dark world of Apple’s secrets, then 9to5Mac could’ve received what is the actual faceplate of the black and white iPhone 6, 4.7″ variants. Leaks so close to the rumoured release date bring added emphasis — parts may already be in production, suggesting that some leaks may in fact be truth.

iphone6 4.7 5s comparison

iphone6 4.7 5s comparison 2

iphone6 4.7 5s comparison 3

This leak also showcases the 4.7″ model compared to the 4″ iPhone 5s, but not Apple’s larger 5.5″ iPhone 6 variant. This may or may not strengthen claims that the company hasn’t quite solved its production issues yet.

Of course, this is just a faceplate, or two. Make of it what you will, but remember, Sonny Dickson has been right about these things before.

Images: Sonny Dickson via 9to5Mac

Parents and Putin — there’s an iPhone 5s for all

Apple is clearly hellbent at selling all of its iPhone 5 models before the iPhone 6 hype completely takes over. Within a month, Apple has published two ads — one fitness-orientated and this family-friendly piece dubbed “Parenthood.”

The ad reminds us all that the iPhone 5s is not past its prime, with uses clearly abundant in the wirelessly connected, “Internet of Things”-world. We’re not sure how these ads boost sales, but they do remind users that the iPhone 5s is still around.

Of course, if a standard iPhone 5s is still too ordinary, the Vladmir Putin edition (or to give it its full name the “Caviar iPhone 5S Supremo Putin”) is something every patriotic Putin fan should consider.

This Russian-only variant, created by Italian luxury brand Perla Penna, has an 18-carat gold plated shell fit with an engraving of the current Russian President’s head. Not only will this phone undoubtedly get you noticed, its US$4360 price tag with leave any wallet remarkably lighter.

If Apple’s ads don’t sell the iPhone 5s fast enough, this Putin-phone surely will.

vladmir putin iphone 5s

Glowing Apple logo for iPhone 6 claims grow stronger

Yet another video has surfaced showcasing the iPhone 6’s back plate. The most interesting thing of all? The Apple logo is clearly cut-out and not chromed, further strengthening claims that the iPhone will finally get the long-awaited glowing Apple emblem.

Posted by Mac Otakara, the video makes sure to mention that the models are “mockups” and is extremely brief compared to others, but it’s just long enough to whet Apple fans appetites all over again.

19 September launch date and 128GB storage

There’s some interesting news about the iPhone 6 arriving today. Not only will we see a larger differentiation between the 5.5″ and 4.7″ model’s hardware than previously expected, but we also have a rumoured launch date.

Get your pens and diaries ready folks, because Friday 19 September is the date reported by Tencent, citing insider sources. BGR seconds this, reporting that Deutsche Telekom were said to be reporting a similar date to their customers.

Both iPhone models will be getting a storage upgrade but with a twist. Apple will offer the 4.7″ with 32GB and 64GB storage options while the larger model may be the only one offered with 128GB. This is a boost over 16GB, but if users want OIS and more storage, they’ll likely need to save US$100 more.

iPhone 6 5.5″ camera to feature OIS  

The 5.5″ iPhone, according to analysts John Vinh and Kevin Chen, will likely feature optical stability after all, leaving the 4.7″ with software stabilisation. This has been seconded by another analyst from KGI, Ming-Chi Kuo. The reason? Alleged production capacity. With the 5.5″ being a more exclusive device, Apple may not want to risk a shortage for the more common 4.7″.

iPad 6 uncovered

As the iPhone 6 launch draws ever closer (hopefully) and its rumour mill churns to a halt, some new and thrilling videos of other iDevices are surfacing. Today’s leak comes courtesy of TLDToday, showcasing what seems to be the upcoming Apple iPad Air 2 (or iPad 6) dummy.

Notably, the device compared to the 5th-generation iPad is thinner — around 6.2mm as explained in the video. Again, we note that the Home button as we know it is missing, instead replaced by a new ringed, TouchID capable unit. Lastly, something that would really surprise no-one is the lack of front-facing speakers. Although mounting units on the device’s face is best for audio playback, it does taint the device’s aesthetics somewhat. What is clear that the iDevice range will all look markedly similar from this point forward.

iPhone 6, iPad 6 and iPad Mini 3 possibly pictured

A three-in-one leak has surfaced on Taiwanese reseller site Apple Club. The image allegedly shows the Apple iPad Air 2 or iPad 6 (bottom), the iPad Mini 3 (middle) and the iPhone 6 (above). The most distinctive feature of the tablets though is the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, rumoured for inclusion in the new devices.

idevice family leak apple club

Although the tablets should be taken as dummy or even mockup models, the iPhone 6 seems hidden by a soft leather casing, making it incredibly difficult to see. It could be the only “real” device in this snap.

Whether we’ll see new iPad Air and Mini models join the smaller handheld on launch day is anyone’s guess.

Image: via Apple Club

iPhone 5.5″ LCD uncovered and Foxconn bolsters workforce for iPhone 6 production

In an exclusive leak, Sonny Dickson — the infamous Apple insider — has shared images of the 5.5″ iPhone 6 display with 9to5Mac. According to the Apple-orientated blog, the display’s size is consistent with current information of 5.5″ (around 14cm). It’s also interesting to note the square cutout on the panel’s rear as well, perhaps providing the iPhone 6 with its first glowing logo.

iPhone LCD 9to5Mac

iPhone LCD 9to5Mac 2

In production related news, Taiwan’s Economic Daily’s latest report notes how intense the demand for the devices will likely be. Chinese manufacturer Foxconn is seeking to hire over 100 000 staff to bolster production efforts.

Images: Sonny Dickson via 9to5Mac

Apple’s “iWatch” coming October

We’re taking a break from the iPhone 6 rumours today, and instead will shed some light on Apple’s smartwatch, a device perhaps trumped only by the iPhone in public interest.

According to news agency Reuters and its “insider” sources, Quanta Computer Inc. will mass produce Apple’s first smartwatch from July. The Taiwanese based company will supply 70% of the projected 50 million sales units, and is currently trialing production.

The “iWatch” — unofficially dubbed for simplicity’s sake — will feature a 2.5″ rectangular screen, manufactured by LG Display, with touch functionality and wireless charging. There’s also a near definite possibility that the device will utilise iOS 8’s Continuity feature, ensuring seamless integration with the iPhone 6 or any Apple product. This will however require the iWatch to sport Bluetooth 4.0 LE — which it really should.

Adding to Apple’s sudden fascination with sensors, the iWatch should also sport a pulse-reading mechanism made by Singaporean company Heptagon. This would in turn, work well with iOS 8’s Heathbook feature.

An October launch (one month later than the iPhone 6) is expected, which will make the final quarter of Apple’s calendar year an incredibly busy one.

The iPhone 6 is bigger than a Galaxy Note 3?

We’ve seen our fair share of iPhone dummy units, but this new video published by TechSmartt gives us a different perspective of the iPhone 6’s sizes compared to its rivals.

The 5.5″ model is the primary focus, and is compared to the 5.7″ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (which is essentially a phablet) and the 5.5″ LG G3 – two phones that are dwarfed by Apple’s device. One can understand just how large the bigger iPhone 6 will be which will make typing with one hand on this device a definite challenge.

Catch a glimpse of the video below.

Sonny Dickson leaks both iPhone 6 models

What would the hidden world of Apple be without Sonny Dickson? The infamous insider has further strengthened Jimmy Lin’s leaks just a few days prior, by tweeting rear and front images of the upcoming iPhone 6 4.7″ and 5.5″ models.



As with previous snaps, the device looks exactly the same, with a side mounted power button and now telltale bands flanking the top and bottom of the device.

Dickson is known for his pre-launch snaps of iPhone models that usually prove to be accurate. Crave, citing Hong Kong media, has also suggested that Lin’s iPhone is the “real” thing. But Apple will undoubtedly remain coy until the device is launched, likely by September this year.

US$299 for the iPhablet?

AppleInsider has come across some interesting news regarding the larger iPhone 6’s possible price. According to an RBC Capital Markets’s analyst, Amit Daryanani, the 5.5″ iPhone could retail for as low as US$299. That’s close to half of what its rivals cost, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Sony Xperia Z2 and the HTC One M8.

However, with such a low price, demand will be unbearably steep. It’s not known how Apple with keep up with the device’s projected success, but nevertheless, the company’s financial outlook is looking wonderfully peachy.

Popstar flaunts his (real?) iPhone 6

If there could ever be such a thing as a definitive iPhone 6 leak, this is it. Taiwan’s version of McDreamy, Jimmy Lin, has taken to Weibo to flaunt what seems to be his shiny, new iPhone 6 4.7″. Granted, there is no way to know that it is an actual iPhone 6, but his previous leaks of the iPhone 5 prior to its launch, surely strengthens his claim.

In the album, the star is shown holding the previous generation black iPhone 5 alongside a white iPhone 6 4.7″. Frankly, the features of the new model hold true compared to previous leaked images.

One must wonder why a celebrity would be taking pictures of a fake or dummy iPhone 6, if that is the case. But with no official peep from Apple yet, we should all take these with a (tiny) pinch of salt.

iphone 6 jimmy lin 1
iphone 6 jimmy lin 2

iphone 6 jimmy lin 3

Images: Jimmy Lin via Weibo

Official iPhone 6 spotted?

Macfixit, the Australian Apple blog has unearthed some tasty pictures of the iPhone 6 – but whether they’re authentic or not is the real question. Macfixit believes that the images are credible, citing the Chinese source’s previous legitimate leaks.

The images are consistent with previous leaks and dummy models, including the side-mounted power button and the cut-out Apple logo on its rear. With just months away from its launch, you could well be looking at the real iPhone 6 4.7″.

iPhone 6 Jun Macfixit 1

iPhone 6 Jun Macfixit 2

Do you think this is the real deal? Does it look too much like other smartphones? Let us know in the comments.

Image: Macfixit

Self-charging iPhones planned for the future

Apple is considering moving its devices ambient light sensors into the actual screen, according to a recently published patent. This will not only allow the company to build iPhones with thinner bezels while adjusting devices’ screen brightness more effectively, but the sensors could also act as little solar panels, providing a gentle battery charge when the screen is not in use.

The patent’s describes the process more intricately:

“A voltage that accumulates within the thin-film photovoltaic cell in response to ambient light is sampled and converted into ambient light data. […] When the accumulated voltage is not being sampled for ambient light measurements, the voltage may be used to provide charge to a battery in the device.”

Soon, iPhones will be able to charge themselves. We highly doubt that the iPhone 6 models will have this technology integrated, but it may make it to future iDevices.

iPhone 5s users burn their Chicken Fat

With the iPhone 6 just a few months away from its predicted launch, Apple is still trying to show the world the value of the iPhone 5s, this time with a new advertisement. The model’s sales figures have taken a hit as fans are holding out for the iPhone 6, but this hasn’t stopped Apple from flaunting its current star as a desirable device.

The ad focuses on health conscious users seemingly in love with their 5s, presumably with iOS 8 and HealthKit installed, with the famous “Chicken Fat” track playing in the background. It’s catchy, but in no way will it sway Apple aficionados to drop their iPhone 6 plans.

iPhone 7 and future iDevices may lack an audio jack

Apple loves its own ecosystem and proprietary connections, that’s why it has now allowed manufacturers to develop headphones for iDevices that use the company’s Lightning connection. The report comes courtesy of MacRumors, which suggests that the move is an extension of Apple’s MFi (Made for iDevices) licensing program. Apple undoubtedly wants to see the death of the 3.5mm audio jack while ironically, making its current range of Beats products redundant.

There’s no suggestion that this will be available on the iPhone 6 models when they release later this year, but it allows future Apple devices the luxury of having one less port. In addition, Lightning provides a higher power output than Micro-USB, suggesting that future Apple audio products (perhaps bearing the Beats name) could possibly do away with internal batteries.

Of course, if Apple does decide to remove the traditional jack in the future, many quality headphones will be unusable on iDevices.

iPhone 6 battery issues will be resolved

In light of WWDC’s iOS 8 revelations, many iPhone 6 rumours have taken a back seat, in hopes that Apple would tease some tidbit of information regarding the device. That, unfortunately, wasn’t the case.

Previously, Apple was reportedly struggling to find a source for its ultra thin 5.5″ model battery. Well, according to Chinese website Laoyaoba, the woes have been remedied after it signed a deal with Chinese manufacturer Sunwoda Electronics to supply around “20 million batteries” for the larger model.

This figure is consistent with the number of reported 5.5″ devices Apple intends to sell as the more exclusive model of iPhone 6. Whether this means an earlier launch date for the larger model is still unknown.

iPhone 6 spotted at WWDC?

Apple has either just publicly shot itself in the foot or a hoaxer has staged an overly elaborate spoof. A rehearsal of the WWDC keynote has allegedly, and accidentally leaked new images of the company’s upcoming iPhone 6 to those in the auditorium.

The 11-second video, republished by nowhereelse.fr, shows three slides of the device that are all akin to the leaked images and dummy iPhones floating around. However, Redditors have taken to the /r/Apple subreddit to disprove this video, suggesting that the images are no more than stock footage of previous leaks.

Make of it what you will, but Apple has a bundle of big news awaiting WWDC, including the imminent launch of OSX 10.10, iPhone 6’s future operating system iOS 8, Apple’s smart home system and possibly a new Apple TV. Could we possibly see a preemptive launch of Apple’s new superphone at WWDC too?

Holy iPhone

iPhone 6 rear shell

A picture from a “Chinese” source, picked up by Australian site Macfixit, depicts what seems to be a cut-out Apple logo on the upcoming iPhone 6’s back plate.

The dark green, polished rear shell features a metallic finish around the flash and the camera holes, but no metallic Apple logo. Actually, there seems to be either a transparent film over the logo, or a logo-shaped hole.

It is not known if the assumed cut-out will be illuminated, like the MacBook series, but it would make a very striking design feature, firmly differentiating it from its similar rivals. Previously, we’ve seen leaked images of the LED module slated for inclusion in the 4.7″ model. Will that possibly provide the absent Apple with the marque’s famed logo-glow?

Image: via Macfixit

Has the iPhone 6 lost its design language?

People on the street are having a hard time telling an iPhone 6 dummy unit from the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the HTC One, according to a new YouTube video by UrAvgConsumer.

Trawling through New York’s boroughs, the dummy phone is presented to legions of iPhone users, fans and interested folk, to which one replied: “It looks like a Samsung phone,” perhaps the last thing Tim Cook probably wants to hear.

They’re not the only people who think the iPhone 6 dummy unit looks like another phone either. Take these tweets for example:



iPhone 6 units begin shipping in July

Apple’s primary manufacturer Foxconn, will begin churning out 4.7″ iPhone 6 models as early as July, and larger 5.5″ by August, states a report by Digitimes.

While the Zhengzhou-based manufacturer will remain Apple’s primary partner, supplying 70% of iPhone 6’s for 2015, Taiwanese manufacturer Pegatron will supply the remainder.

Apple will also focus on shipping the current iPhone range and iPhone 6 4.7″ models for the rest of the year, with the larger iPhone 6 variant slated as a premium, more exclusive device. Wistron, an Apple partner since 2013 will continue to manufacture the existing range of iPhone 5 devices.

The iPhone 6’s massive bezels

Apple iPhone dummy units are finding their way into more and more hands. This time a YouTuber known as Marques Brownlee has uploaded a comprehensive evaluation of the 4.7″ dummy.

Most noticeably in this video, compared to previous leaks, is the thickness of the handset’s bezels. They’re nowhere near as gaunt as first imagined, which will undoubtedly annoy many Apple fans.

Additionally, this is about the fifth video and millionth picture of the dummy unit we have seen on the internet, so this is more likely the next iPhone design. Of course, Apple could pack more interior gadgetry into the model, but as far as aesthetics go, this probably is how the iPhone 6 will look.

iPhone 6 LCD panel spotted

Weibo has again been the source of the latest iPhone 6 leak, this time catching an alleged iPhone 6 LCD panel without its clothes on. French leakers nowhereelse.fr first spotted the image from Weibo user Gooey, suggesting (via Google Translate) that it may be the iPhone 6’s LCD, due to its similarity with the 5S’s LCD.

“…the fact that its design is identical to that of the panel found in the iPhone 5s suggests that it is probably a genuine spare part for iPhone…”

It’s anyone’s guess whether these are the moulds, batteries and LCD screen that will form the iPhone 6, but the LCD is starkly similar to the 5S’s.




Images: via nowhereelse.fr

Sizing up the iPhone 6

The infographic department at Business Insider has given prospective iPhone 6 buyers a little perspective on the device’s size relative to its rivals.

Business Insider - iPhone 6 infographic

The 4.7″ and 5.5″ iPhone 6 models are compared to previous generations of the iPhone, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy offerings. It gives a good sense of how large or small the phones are in relation to each other. The compact 4.7″ model is noticeably smaller thank the Galaxy S5, but interestingly the 5.5″ isn’t too far off the Galaxy Note 3’s size either.

Perhaps the 5.5″ should be named the “iPhablet”?

iPhone “6S” concept gets us excited

We hope the iPhone 6 is as pretty as this. Courtesy of DeviantArt’s TheTechnoToast, this concept of Apple’s upcoming superphone is about as clean, elegant and attractive as fans could hope for.

iPhone 6S Concept

The mock-up specifications also leave nothing to be desired. It packs a larger 5″ 1080p, 500ppi screen, a really awesome multicoloured and customisable home button, repositioned power button, an A8 1.5GHz CPU with 2GB RAM, and a much desired 8MP camera.

If the new iPhone “6S” looks anything like this and packs as much horsepower as suggested, Apple should have no problem selling these like aluminium hotcakes.

Image: TheTechnoToast via DeviantArt

This remixed Apple jingle should be part of the iPhone 6’s audio arsenal

We break from the rumours and leaks today to bring you a ringtone we hope to find on the upcoming iPhone 6. The electronic music producer known as MetroGnome has given the world his take on the iconic Apple jingle, and its rather catchy.

Using a sampler, an electric guitar and some talent, MetroGnome gives a relaxing EDM twist on the classic tone. If you can’t wait for Apple to include this in the iPhone 6 ringtone library, you can download the track from his official page.

Apple to shun Samsung as screen supplier?

This news may not be surprising, but Apple has reportedly overlooked Samsung as a screen supplier for its rumoured 4.7″ iPhone 6. The report released by Taiwan’s UDN news outlet states that LG, Japan Display and Innolux have been granted contracts to produce the screens, leaving Sharp and Samsung out in the cold.

Apple has been dependent on Samsung for a number of years, as a processor and screen producer, but this move will perhaps mark the end of its reliance on the Korean tech giant.

It remains unconfirmed whether Apple’s A8 CPU will be produced exclusively by Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), or by both companies.

A high-speed supercharging iPhone 6 may become a reality

As the iPhone 6 launch draws near, Apple has reportedly created a new high-speed high-voltage charger for its mobile devices. Spotted by Patently Apple, the charger would allow devices to spend less time in the wall and more time in your hand. The patent application for this charger is still pending, but more often than not Apple gets its way – just ask Samsung.

Jokes aside, if Apple was to have this patent approved in time, could we see the iPhone 6 bundled with its own high-speed charger? It would definitely give it an advantage over its rivals.

iPhone 6 to shirk 1080p screen?

9to5 Mac is reporting a few juicy screen rumours today. Firstly, the screen format will remain 16:9 for both the 4.7″ and 5.5″ models. But more importantly, it suggests that both models will also feature a rather arbitrary 1704×960 resolution.

Sources indicate that Apple has chosen this resolution as it’s three times larger than 568×320, the “base resolution” for non-Retina iPhone 5 displays.

Both phones will likely fall above the Retina benchmark of 300ppi.

Judging by this report, those holding out for a more traditional 1080p screen used by most of its competitors will likely be annoyed.

Apple Patents Wraparound Displays

Apple has had yet another patent victory, this time for “Electronic devices with sidewall displays.”

Following in Samsung’s stead, Apple has developed its own flexible display technology. These displays, as the patent notes, can be “bent to form displays on multiple surfaces of the devices” or “separated from front side displays or from other edge displays.”

Plans also include virtual buttons, “lenses, haptic feedback components, audio feedback components” or other feedback interfaces. Instead of having fixed, dedicated physical buttons for volume and the camera shutter, for example, the edge display could, in theory, vary options based on the program activated.

Although it’s more likely we’ll see a zombie apocalypse this decade than an iPhone 6 with a wraparound display, it does give Apple the option to include it in an iPhone 7, or any number of its products.

iPhone 6 may finally get NFC

There’s a chance the iPhone 6 will feature NFC, or Near Field Communication technology, suggests a report from BrightWire.

The New York-based publication reports that Apple could finally implement the tech after years of holding out. Additionally, Apple could use it as a mobile payment system, after signing a deal with China UnionPay.

Apple are slow to adopt NFC but has previously applied for patents in this field, most notably for a system that links its TouchID system to NFC.

NFC technology is currently utilised by a wide range of mobile phone manufacturers, not including Apple.

“Leak-resistant” iPhone?

Waterproof iPhone 6 dummy
Image: Moscoat blog

Some puzzling photographs of the iPhone 6 have been posted to Moscoat blog, spotted by PhoneArena. Somehow, a dummy unit of Apple’s upcoming device sauntered through a city without anyone at the company knowing. Of course, this could be yet another unofficial mockup, but it’s more intriguing to image that it’s the actual device.

Besides the absolute lack of secrecy surrounding the phone, the most delightful image is the iPhone immersed in a bath.

Although this is possibly a dummy unit with no working parts, could this be an indication that it will be waterproof, like its Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 rivals?

iPhone may launch in August

Respected news agency Reuters has joined the rumour bandwagon. Citing reports from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News, it reports that Apple will launch its smaller 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as early as August – a full month earlier than expected.

Even more surprising are suggestions that the problem-riddled 5.5″ iPhone 6, will be launched as early as September. This would suggest that the battery and screen issues have either been solved or weren’t as severe as previously reported.

5.5″ iPhone 6 Production Price Skyrocketing

Reports are emerging from a supply chain source (via Weibo) that sheds light on Apple’s snowballing issues. Compounding the larger iPhone 6’s battery woes, the latest setback is courtesy of the screen material.

The virtually unscratchable sapphire glass, developed by GT Advanced Technologies, is ballooning production costs of the 5.44″/5.5″ iPhone 6. The screen costs about US$280 to manufacture, which is incredible to think that the current iPhone 5S retails now for around US$199. One can imagine the enormous price tag attached to the larger iPhone after launch.

No such issues are being reported for the smaller 4.7″ model.

As a result of the high production costs involved, Apple will allegedly ship a limited number of its flagship iPhone 6, “10 million units worldwide” according to the report. Coupled with the higher price, the larger iPhone 6 will be a very exclusive handset.

A mockup or the real deal?

Another day another set of iPhone 6 images, but are they legit or merely another set of mockups? Both snaps come courtesy of editor at French leak website nowhereelse.fr, Steve Hemmerstoffer.

A silver version of the speculated iPhone 6 (presumably the 4.7″) is abashedly caught screen side-up. A few design cues match the previous set of leaked details – the curved edges, the power button on the top right hand side, and the larger screen.


A top view will probably have many Apple fans worrying that their new toy may resemble a Nokia Lumia. In more comforting news, this image suggests that the iPhone 6 will be more slender – around 6mm thick – which matches previously leaked information.


Mockup reveals skinny, iPod Touch-like iPhone 6

According to Macitynet (thanks you, Google Translate), this image is the “final version used by manufacturers of enclosures”. So is this what the iPhone 6 will look like? Apple seems to have embraced the iPod Touch in terms of design with soft edges and a protruding camera. We’ve created a comparison image and the two look strikingly similar.

i6it compared

iPhone 6 Camera may get Electronic Image Stabilisation

Sun Chang Xu, chief analyst at ESM China, has released (via Weibo) new information regarding the iPhone 6’s camera.

Reportedly, Apple will employ software-based Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS) instead of the hardware-powered Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). EIS, as seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, would allow the iPhone to maintain a sleeker profile with minimal moving or protruding parts that OIS would require.

In addition, the iPhone 6’s camera will sport a larger pixel size, 1.75um as opposed to 1.5um on the previous iPhone. A larger pixel size would theoretically mean higher quality snaps.

iPhone 6 to be 6.1mm thin?

According to some questionable scientific theory mated with fortunate coincidence, the iPhone 6 should be around 6.1mm thick, compared to the 7.6mm dept of the iPhone 5S.

Lewis Hilsentegerover over at Unbox Therapy decided to slot the current generation iPod Touch into a new, purportedly accurate iPhone 6 case. Seems legit right? Well, interesting, the device does fit rather well.

Although iPhone leakers are getting desperate as the new iPhone incubates, this does suggest a thinner iPhone in tune with previously released rumours.

iPhone 6 may tell us how humid it is

We’ve seen a heart rate monitor on the new Samsung Galaxy S5, but Apple aims to go one better with a host of “environmental sensors,” revealed through a recent patent application.

The document outlines some interesting and ambitious ideas:

Environmental sensor components may include a temperature sensor, a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor, or other sensors or combinations of sensors for sensing attributes of the environment surrounding the device.

We’ll have to see if this does feature on the upcoming iPhone 6, but we may in future see iPhones, or any Apple product for that matter, able to predict the weather natively.

iPhone could cost under US$300

The Taipei Times suggests that Taiwanese company Catcher Technology, will again be supplying Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6’s outer shell, around “20 percent of the casing orders” in fact.

An even harder shell to crack for pundits at least, is the iPhone 6’s release date. Chaps over at BGR are quite sure that the new iPhone launches September 2014, courtesy of Barclays Capital’s evaluations.

If you’re still coveting the new device, there’s very little to worry about. Apple plans to ship around 70 million units by the end of the year, but the device will likely cost “35 to 40 percent higher than the previous” model, or around US$280 says the report.

iPhone 6 in 2015?

According to Taiwanese news site Industrial and Commercial Times (you’ll undoubtedly need Google Translate to read this), the larger 5.5″ iPhone 6 or “iPhone Air” due to technical difficulties, “may only come out in the next year.” Yes, that is the year 2015.

The hindrance comes courtesy of the battery’s depth specifications. According to the report, Apple needs a battery unit that’s around 2mm thick, much thinner than the current phone batteries on the market today. A thicker battery would mean a bulkier iPhone 6, definitely not what Apple customers desire.

iController concept emerges

How’s this for an awesome concept? Impatient Apple fans have taken to the web with their own incredible renderings of a dreamed-up iPhone. This particular mockup, known as the “iPhone 6 Pro” courtesy of Apple fan Sahanan Yogarasa, features among other things, a heart-rate monitor, a nifty notification light, a gaming controller dock dubbed “iController” and a video projector. Although this concept really is too good to be true, we hope a few Apple executives are jotting down some notes.

The iController

‘iPhone 6 Pro’ rendering
Slide-to-lock and Push-to-talk coming to new iDevices?

The International Business times reports that the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 could feature the company’s “slide-to-lock” feature and “push-to-talk” technologies – the former entwined with the company’s Samsung lawsuit.

The patent’s abstract suggests that “the avatar[s] can be further customized by the individual in an editing environment and used in various applications, including but not limited to gaming, social networking and video conferencing.”

Case Study

Leaked iPhone cases have been fairly accurate in predicting the phone’s design, so the little pink number leaked by tech writer Sonny Dickson deserves more than a second look. The case’s rounded edges and large right hand shoulder gap are interestingly present – presumably making room for a new power button or volume control slider? That would be a departure from the iPhone 5s.


Another rumour flaunting a “new” front panel has been spotted on Weibo (of all places) posing alongside its older sibling, says AppleInsider. As the image suggests, the iPhone 6 will be both taller and wider, consistent with the touted 4.7 and 5.5-inch bodies.

Stunning concept shots reveals curved iPhone 6

Ciccarese’s been at it again. This Italian concepts designer has whipped up shots on his take of the iPhone 6, plus a 4-inch iPhone 5s. All concept shots show a 16:9 display, and are apparently based on rumours and hints dropped by the Wall Street Journal.

iPhone 6 Concept Shots
left right


I6 S5

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

All three concept sizes: 4.7", 5.5" and a 4-inch iPhone 5s.

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

Iphone 6 Concept Shots

I6it Compared

Waterproof Iphone 6 Dummy



A new camera: from 8MP to 10MP, plus a new resin filter and a wider lens aperture

According to industry insiders, the iPhone 6 may get a major upgrade to its camera says MacRumors. We say, about time. Sources say that the 8MP camera is getting a bump to 10MP, with a f/1.8 aperture (compared to the f/2.2 aperture of the iPhone 5s). But wait, there’s more: Even the filter of the camera will see a change, as Apple prepares to change the Hybrid IR filter with a special resin filter. The Japanese company in charge of production, JSR, says that its resin filter is thinner, lighter and can “minimize the color shifts of CMOS image sensors.” For us, a wider aperture matters more than megapixels.

South Korean securities firm leaks specs for iPhone 6

i6 S5

Have a gander at these promising features. Leaked specifications for both the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5 were allegedly mailed to customers of a Korean securities research firm, says GizChina. Of the specs listed above, many seem to be weird additions such as iBeacon (how we wish it was iBacon), a paltry 1800mAh battery and iOS 7.2. What seems in order is the 1920×1080 display, paired with the frankly enormous 2272×1280 (510ppi!) “iPhablet” Apple’s rumoured to release. Keep these numbers in the back of your mind as comparison when the real specs finally drop.

Emotions, the new content delivery system

According to the IB Times, Apple’s filed a patent titled “inferring user mood based on user and group characteristic data.” Simply put, Apple’s going to place a mood scanner into our iDevices which can detect our emotions, targeting us with both ads and content based on how we feel. If you’re happy, why not download a game? Finished Breaking Bad but you’re crying your eyes out? Here’s an advert for happy pills. The patent was only just filed, so don’t expect to see it turning up any time soon. It may only make it to the iPhone 6s.

iPhone 6, the new credit card?

This is, and excuse us for this awful term, a game-changer. If it materialises that is. According to Time, Tim Cook has hinted at a mobile payment service for the iPhone 6. Apple’s been “curious” regarding the concept of mobile payments, says the report. And during Apple’s quarterly call last week, Cook said “You can tell by looking at the demographics of our customers and the amount of commerce that goes through iOS devices… that it’s a big opportunity on the platform,” Opportunity usually translates to a cool new service from Apple.

For those unfamiliar with mobile payment services, think Square – which is a hardware add-on for the iPhone which turns it into a card-processing machine. Pay wherever you are, as long as you own an iDevice.

The Wall Street Journal drops another hint: That Apple has applied for a patent “covering payments for goods through a signal sent from a phone to a wireless receiver.” The possibility of paying for an iPhone on an iPhone inches closer every day.

When’s it coming out?

The iPhone 6 is possibly launching June 2014 says TechRadar. The site also claims that it has seen an inventory listing from a UK store which lists the “4G iPhone 6” among its devices. The listing has since been removed. The iPhone 5s launched 20 September 2013, so Apple may break tradition with a far earlier release of its latest iPhone.

What about the screen?

Good question, and it will most likely increase to 4.8-inches, says The Week, but that’s not all. There’s also a rumour that the new, larger display will feature sapphire glass that’s jam-packed with solar cells. It’s more than a whisper in the night, because Apple applied for a solar patent in October 2013. It’s been preparing for the iPhone 6 for a while.

That 4.8-inch display isn’t quite Galaxy Note III category, but it may be enough to break the FAB-let craze which boggles us to no end. And why will the iPhone 6 remain under 5-inches? Apple wants to keep its “unwavering principle of one hand use” intact says Apple Insider. We fully agree.

There could also be two screen sizes, says MacRumors. Analysts have said that the new iPhone 6 will come in two sizes: 4.8 and 5.7–inches and even possibly, a curved display (but that’s just a shot in the dark). This larger phone would then have a 264 pixel-per-inch display. This report from DisplaySearch says otherwise: that Apple is in fact planning to release a 1600×900, 386 ppi screen (4.8-inch), plus an almighty 1920×1080, 401 ppi display (5.7-inch).

OIS camera

A cool concept to look forward to
Apple’s recently applied for an optical image stabilisation patent (see below) for the iPhone 6’s 8-megapixel camera says BGR. That’s right, the camera’s megapixels will remain. As usual, Apple would rather add extra features and improve the hardware than arbitrarily increase the megapixel count. As an example, the iPhone 5s included a dual LED flash called True Tone which made night-time shots look more human, and less ghostly. Also, slow-mo. Everyone loves slow-mo.


Enter the A8

The iPhone 5s saw the introduction of the first 64-bit CPU, called the A7. There are other plans in the works, namely the A8 CPU, says the rarely wrong DigiTimes. The new 20-nanometer chips will be both faster and more energy-efficient, but also slightly redundant. According to the same report, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will begin working on the A9 and A9X CPU’s as early as Q3 2014.

“Say… That’s a nice bike…”

That’s a line from Terminator 2, which featured the liquid-metal shapeshifting T-1000. What’s that got to do with the iPhone 6? Rumour has it that the new iPhone will feature a liquid-metal alloy because “switches on consumer electronic devices are operated frequently, [therefore] the materials used to fabricate the switch must be capable of repeated deformation and return to their original configuration,” says MacRumors once again. So it’s not just for added sci-fi cred, but for increased durability as well. The site says that the liquid-metal will be added to the Home button (which will still be TouchID), the screws and as a substrate for the touch sensors.

Priced right

Here’s the biggie, for most. The Inquirer guesses that the prices will follow the same pattern as the iPhone 5s, that is starting at US$649 for the 16GB version, working its way up to US$849 and more for a 64GB iPhone 6. If Apple releases a 5-incher though, expect to pay up to US$999 or more for an iPhablet.



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