5 videos that will get you excited about ‘The Crew’ all over again

The Crew has probably been one of the most eagerly anticipated racing games of recent memory.

Sure, it’s not as pure as the Forza or Gran Turismo series, but its new open world, social take on an age-old genre has got many a tongue wagging, and many a right foot tapping.

The game has been in my Christmas stocking list for quite a while now and tomorrow it’ll finally be released to a worldwide and extremely patient-up-to-now audience.

A new take on driving games will see a more social, open world experience than before. Think of it like GTA V with an emphasis on automobiles like Forza Motorsport 5, and definitely less focus on taking drugs and flying around Blaine County as a seagull.

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As a motorsport fan, it sounds like the perfect quotient in my book.

So to remind you why we think this could be one of Ubisoft‘s best games this year, here are five videos to get you excited again before tomorrow’s big day.

And remember, you never have to drive alone from 2 December.

1. The E3 Announcement Trailer

2. The Official E3 Demo Walkthrough

3. Buying and customising cars

4. Drifting your newly-bought and customised car

5. Nvidia explains its added goodies for PC gamers



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