Is there a round Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the works?

Samsung might’ve revealed an interesting tidbit regarding its next-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatches, in a new press release outed this week.

The company, announcing that its new SDK will be available early to global developers before any products are launched (which is also a first), also flaunted an image of a round watch-like depiction in the release. Whether this is sheer graphic designer coincidence or carefully plotted teaser, it certainly has our ears pricked.

Previous generations of the Samsung Galaxy Gear range has featured square faces with slightly rounded edges, slightly longer rectangular screens and hell, even slim slivered screens like those often spotted on smart bands.

Samsung hasn’t yet launched a Gear with a circular face though, like many of its competitors.

We have seen Samsung dally in circular watch interfaces before though. A patent filed last year displayed a smartwatch with an entirely new circular UI functioning on a round watch, with a few nifty dial controls. The foundation is clearly there, but will Samsung ditch it’s novelty angled smartwatch screens and join the round watch face crew?

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It seems highly likely, especially after perusing this teaser image.

Samsung Galaxy Gear teaser circular fce
We could also see features akin to the Samsung Galaxy Gear S, including on-device calling, SIM support and all the bells and whistles that a wrist phone could have.

Whether this design will filter through the entire Galaxy Gear range, we’re not too sure but a more classic rounded face might appeal to prospective buyers looking for a bit more style.

Samsung has yet to name a date for the new smartwatch, but at least developers can get their hands on the SDK.

“To join the program, developers can become a member of the community by submitting an application at the Samsung Developer’s website. The applicants will be later notified through email along with the development resources. They will be among the first to get an up-close look into the SDK and build apps for the next Gear,” explains the presser.

More information about the SDK can be found here.

Feature image: Kārlis Dambrāns via Flickr



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