Two new PlayStation 4 models are coming, according to FCC report

Okay, so Sony won’t be revamping the PlayStation 4 anytime soon, nor will we see a PS5. It’ll be the same old console, but Sony, at least according to the FCC, will be bringing two new variants to the international market.

The report comes courtesy of DualShockers, who happened to get hold of the full FCC leaflet, suggests that there will be two variants of the world’s best selling console emerging sometime soon.

One seems to feature a 1TB drive and the other a traditional 500GB, but the interesting part is this.

DualShockers reports:

The fact that only the second digit has been changed from the previous CUH-11XX model seems to indicate an evolution of the internal components and not a full redesign, that according to Sony’s numbering standards would normally be marked by a change of the first digit of the model number.

The model numbers are labeled as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, for reference sake.

In essence, one could think of it as a revision akin to the Xbox 360‘s a few years ago to redress the RRoD issue inherent in some models. But this seems to be less a revision to patch a factory fault than one to improve existing hardware.

This is further justified when glancing through the FCC listing. There’s a drop in power from 250W to 230W which hints at more efficient hardware.

Of course, the most interesting reveal is the larger hard drive model, which should be quite appealing to those who have collected quite a few titles since the PS4’s release. Current users can swap out the drive in the current PS4, but it’s interesting to note that Sony feels it necessary to add more storage to its console.

We could hear a few more details about these consoles at Sony’s E3 2015 presser scheduled for 3am SAST, Tuesday 16 June. At least, we hope we do.

Read the full report at DualShockers here.

Feature image: Lee Dyer via Flickr



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