LG Watch Urbane Luxe is a 23-carat gold, limited edition swag-watch

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Previously, swagger and street credibility was largely limited to established watchmaker names like Rolex and Hublot. Well, times are clearly changing.

In a bid to make its smartwatches a little more attractive to the business and monetary elite, LG has dipped it’s Watch Urbane in 23-carat gold, and slapped a US$1200 price tag onto it.

It’s called the LG Watch Urbane Luxe, and that Luxe modifier is there for a reason. This thing’s about as distinguished as smartwatches come, with an alligator leather strap and a “deployment clasp,” which LG gives an entire backstory on, rather fittingly.

The LG Watch Urbane Luxe will sport a deployment clasp for a fitted, elegant look that isn’t bulky. Invented by Louis Cartier in 1910, the use of a deployment clasp makes this  timepiece even more exclusive and unique.

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Monday morning swagger -- the LG Watch Urbane Luxe
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Lg Watch Urbane Luxe Lead




To top it off, the company also suggests that the watch has 50 individual design process steps before it’s finally birthed. The company’s philosophy of wearables is also changing, seeing these devices as important facets in human life, at least according to Chris Yie, LG Mobile’s VP of marketing.

Wearable devices shouldn’t be thought of as an extension of one’s smartphone but an extension of oneself.

This blending of craftsmanship and technology is a natural evolution of the smartwatch, which is becoming more of a lifestyle accessory than a piece of hardware. We think this is a good direction for wearables and we want to encourage this transformation.

Only 500 LG Watch Urbane Luxe watches will be made, and will initially be offered to a US audience only. The watch will be available October 2015.



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