Nvidia GTX 1080 could boast 16GB memory, launch in May

Nvidia’s Pascal graphics cards could be here as early as May, if a new report on the company’s latest wares is to be believed.

Outed by Benchlife.info, the report suggests that the company’s fastest chip, at least in May 2016, will be the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 running on the Pascal architecture.

Pascal might not include the incredibly swift HBM memory technology, but could instead use good gold GDDR5, at least for the GTX 1080. The report also suggests that up to 8GB of RAM can be expected, with memory bandwidth figures rising to around 14Gb/s. The inclusion of GDDR5X however (with capacities of up to 16GB per card, and bandwidth of up to 16Gb/s) seems likely if this is the case, the site suggests.

The new chips will run cooler thanks to TSMC’s 16nm fabrication process which means smaller, more efficient silicon.

And for those AMD fans begging us to crack the following quip: it should support resolutions higher than its aforementioned name.

No official release timeline has been given by Nvidia just yet, and nor has the company suggested that its next card will be the Nvidia GTX 1080.

Nevertheless, we wait patiently. Until then, have a look at the full explainer on Benchlife.info.

Feature image: Laineema via Flickr



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