4 apps that’ll make face-swapping adventures even funnier

The past few months have seen face-swapping applications explode in popularity, making for some entertaining (and freaky) moments.

Which ones are worth downloading though? We picked several face-swap apps that are worth a look.


Okay, so it’s not a dedicated face-swap app, but Snapchat’s augmented reality effects include a face-swapping option in it. All you have to do is hold anywhere on the screen and then swipe to the face-swap mode – make sure a friend is right next to you, of course.

Snapchat is free to download on Android and iOS.

Face Swap Live

This little app catapulted up the charts a few months ago, going a long way to popularise the current face-swap madness. So what made this app stand out?

Face Swap Live lets you switch faces with a person (whether they’re right next to you or in a photo), allowing you to take a snap or record a real-time video in the process.

The app, which is available for R19 on iOS (an Android version is in the works), also lets you send the videos and photos to friends. And yes, you can totally swap faces with celebrity photos too.

Lip Swap

A product of Google’s own mobile research lab, think of Lip Swap as less about the whole face and more about swapping particular aspects of a face.

The app allows you to take a photo of someone’s face, then lets you swap in facial parts. For example, you can take a photo of yourself and have a friend’s eyes replace yours. The implementation is rather rudimentary, but the results can definitely be fun and weird.

Lip Swap is free for Android, so you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out.


Another hugely popular app, MSQRD has since been acquired by Facebook, making for a small yet notable purchase for the social network.

Although the app features nifty face-swapping technology, it also made a name for itself thanks to its augmented reality masks, much like Snapchat. So whether you want to be Batman, an NFL quarterback, a moustache-twirling gentleman or a tiger, there are loads of options available.

MSQRD is available for free on Android and iOS.



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