Windows Hello is now open to non-Microsoft devices running Windows 10

attends the NYC Windows 10 Fan Launch on July 29, 2015 in New York City.

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Windows Hello, Microsoft‘s futuristic iris login system stolen from year 2050, is now open to other manufacturers running Windows 10 wares.

Microsoft, clearly not making enough of an impact retaining the technology on a leash, will now provide the “Companion Device Framework” to other companies. The tech can be bolted onto laptops, tablets, smartphones and possibly even wearables, and can also be used to unlock companion devices.

Instead of using a fingerprint reader, blood swab or nasal hair, the Windows Hello system requires a camera that scans the user’s iris. Our experience of the tech on the Microsoft Lumia 950 is fairly user friendly and about as quick as a fingerprint reader.

The Framework also supports enterprise-level encryption, so it’s something that companies could likely use on more than just technologies (a Windows 10 powered draw-bridge, anyone?).

Microsoft’s announcing quite a few advancements at Computex 2016, so stay tuned to our coverage.

Andy Walker, former editor


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