No Man’s Sky ‘not worth $60’, in messy state on PC

no man's sky

Steam users have taken to negatively reviewing No Man’s Sky after the game’s release on PC.

The company launched the game on Steam on Friday, but users have been complaining about crashes, glitches and the game in general. Consequently, the game is sitting at “mixed” overall user reviews.

“This game is not worth US$60. Props to the small dev team for making something as clever as they did, but it’s not US$60 clever,” wrote Steam user gehsekky in a review.

User jlm4us criticised the lack of depth for the price point as well.

“Even if the game didn’t constantly crash, even if the FPS were good, even if the game did not require constant grinding to simply wash-rinse-and-repeat with no true progression, I would not recommend this game. If it were US$20, maybe but not US$60.”

Nevertheless, the user did praise Hello Games for the technical side of things.

“That being said, I will hand it to the creator; the mechanics behind No Man’s Sky are truly impressive and mind boggling but it ends there.”

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User geekmagii was short and to the point.

“Mindless. Pretty. Grindy. Samey. Ok for US$20. Ripped off for US$60.”

Another gamer concurred with concerns over the price tag.

“As much as I want to love this game, I find myself increasingly frustrated and disappointed by it. Partially because of the terrible quality of the PC port, but mostly because it is a barebones indie game at a AAA price,” wrote devorummortis.

“There’s simply not enough in this game to justify the price tag. If it had been US$20, or even US$30, I would likely feel differently.”

Hello Games has published a thread on Steam, outlining the most common issues and workarounds for the game.

Some of the issues listed include large frame drops, sound crackling, texture flickering, crashes to desktop and mouse jitter.



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