Google Play Indie Games Festival: the Android games you can look forward to

dog sled saga google play

The inaugural Google Play Indie Games Festival is set to take place on 24 September, offering some intriguing Android games from US and Canadian developers.

So then, what kind of titles should you expect from the event? A ton of derivative experiences and pay-to-win titles? Hardly.

From collectible card games featuring anime girls to polished puzzle games and everything in between, we take a look at the lineup.

A Matter of Murder: A murder mystery game making use of point and click mechanics, this title also features rogue-like elements. For instance, randomly generated murder details ensure that no playthrough is alike. It’s already available to play on Android for R43.

Antihero: Ever wanted to run your own thieves’ guild but the Elder Scrolls titles were too shallow for your liking? This strategy game sees you recruiting urchins, stealing, bribing and even assassinating. Single player and cross-platform asynchronous multiplayer (between Windows, iOS, Mac, Android) will be available. Check out the trailer here.

AR Zombie: One of the few games making use of Project Tango‘s 3D mapping tech, AR Zombie is a first-person platformer that makes heavy use of augmented reality. You’ll need to avoid zombies, holes in the floor and more while physically moving around the real world. This is available for free on Android if you’ve got the required hardware.

Armajet: There’s no relation to the ARMA series here, as this is a fast-paced 2D online shooter title featuring jetpacks. Check out the game’s website here.

Armor Blitz: A card collecting game featuring anime-style visuals and pseudo-tank combat, Armor Blitz might be one of the quirkiest picks of the lot.

antihero edit

Bit Bit Blocks: Described as a “cute and action-packed competitive puzzle title”, you’ll essentially need to fling blocks at your opponent’s blocks. The game also supports local single-screen multiplayer and traditional single player modes. Check out a video of the game in action.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday: Already available on PC and iOS, this well-received adventure game has you playing as a photographer during the 1979 Iranian Revolution. The game also forces you to make tough choices throughout your playthrough.

The very first Google Play Indie Games Festival is set to take place on 24 September

Coffee Pot Terrarium: A turn-based puzzle game with an isometric perspective, you’ll be creating paths for your character, removing enemy paths and more in this head-scratcher. Struggling to understand the concept? Then this trailer helps quite a bit.

Crayola Worlds for Tango: Another game for Project Tango devices is in the selection, courtesy of this augmented reality colouring game. Picture Splatoon but in the real world, as you splash 3D characters in the process.

Dog Sled Saga: Coming to PC and iOS in addition to Android, Dog Sled Saga has you mushing your dogs to victory. But you’ll need to watch their health, acquire new dogs and impress sponsors too.

Bit Bit Blocks

Endless Mine: Already available on the Play Store, the game is pretty self-explanatory. Anyway, you’ll be falling down a mineshaft, shooting nasty creatures as you journey through the tunnels. So nothing we haven’t seen before, then.

Futurable 1. Summer City: It’s claimed that every character in this game is an autonomous AI, with your goal being to simply live your life. Think The Sims but with better AI and a bigger emphasis on survival, it seems.

Gunhouse: Originally conceived for the PlayStation Mobile service, this is effectively a vibrant match-three puzzle game with a healthy dose of tower defence tossed in. It’s also available on Windows Phone and the Amazon App Store.

HoloGrid Monster Battle: A collectable card game with an augmented reality and strategy spin, this saw a successful Kickstarter drive earlier this year. It’s also been compared to that board game in the original Star Wars movie.

Hovercraft Takedown: What do you get when you combine Road Fighter with blocky visuals and a tonne of customisation? Why, this little title, which is already available on Android as a free download.


HOVR: Made with mobile VR in mind, you’ll be dicing on your snowboard in this fast-paced title, which brings to mind Cool Boarders, 1080 Snowboarding and other similar titles.

Maruta 279: This one is a stealthy point-and-click title that has you escaping from a cloning facility and dodging killer robots along the way. Pretty self-explanatory and intriguing, as the trailer shows.

Norman’s Night In: The Cave: A 2D platformer with puzzle elements, you’ll be exploring the cave as Norman, who carries a bowling ball for some reason. It definitely brings to mind a lighter version of Limbo though.

Numbo Jumbo: Already available for free on iOS and Android, this puzzler tasks you with stringing together numbers that make a sum. For instance, stringing together 2, 2 and 4 works (because 2+2 equals 4) as well as 1, 2, 3 and 6 (1+2+3 equals 6).

Numeris: Another game already available on Android, this has been dubbed “the world’s first community-driven platform for brain fitness.” You’ll be playing a variety of brain games, going head to head against other players.

Norman's Night In

Orbit: Playing With Gravity: We’ve already covered this in a previous gaming roundup, but minimalistic planet flinging game Orbit is worth playing still. You’ll need to take planetary gravity and black holes into account when tossing planets, though.

Parallyzed: Currently in open beta, this tricky platformer has you swapping colours and/or leaping to avoid obstacles. Things quickly get tricky, though, but how long can you last?

Psychic: An “offbeat noir adventure” title, you’ll be playing as two telepathic characters in a game that combines cartoon-like atmosphere and Choose Your Own Adventure titles.

Rainmaker: Ultimate Trading: A game about stock trading? Yep, Rainmaker uses real-world stock information for your game, making for a neat touch. You simply hold to buy and keep a stock and let go of the screen to sell it. This is already available for free on Google Play.

Riptide GP Renegade: Another game already available on Google Play (for R41), the Riptide franchise barely qualifies as indie anymore. But those wanting to engage in high-speed jet ski tomfoolery can do far worse.

orbit game

Roofbot: A puzzler that brings to mind the rather fun Mekorama, Roofbot (in beta) has you collecting various objects and matching them with the proper drop-off point. It’s easier said than done but still looks like a pleasant head-scratcher.

Sand Stories: A title that sounds like a lighter version of From Dust, Sand Stories has you drizzling sand to make a sandcastle. But the tide is your enemy in this game.

Smash Wars VR: Drone Racing: As it says on the tin, this game is all about racing drones, but you can also customise your craft and use the Google Cardboard mode.Check it out for yourself on Google Play.

Three Swipes: A so-called “minimalist puzzle game”, this match-three puzzler stands out thanks to its use of Threes-style sliding. In other words, new blocks enter the playing field when you slide your finger across the screen. It’s free on Android, so give it a go.

Zombie Rollerz: What happens when you combine a pinball game with a western RPG? Well, apparently, you get this intriguing title, that sees you using pinballs to take out foes. Have a look at the game in action.



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