New-spec Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catches fire on US plane

Galaxy Note 7

This is concerning. A passenger plane had to be evacuated while at its gate after a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 apparently caught fire.

Now, this wouldn’t be unprecedented, but the issue is that the fiery handset was apparently replaced by Samsung.

According to The Verge, Southwest Airlines flight 994 was evacuated at its gate after a passenger’s Galaxy Note 7 caught fire.

The passenger, Brian Green, confirmed that he had picked up a replacement Galaxy Note 7, citing the black square on the back of the label and the green battery icon. An IMEI search confirmed that this was a replacement unit as well.

The Galaxy Note 7 burnt through the aircraft’s carpet, it was claimed

The passenger said he turned off his smartphone and put it in his pocket, but it soon started smoking. Green dropped the phone on the plane’s carpet, which resulted in the phone burning through the carpet and burning the “subfloor” of the aircraft.

Samsung told the publication that it “cannot confirm that this incident involves the new Note 7”.

The device was currently in the hands of the local fire department.

Not deterred by this incident? Then you’ll be pleased to know that the Note 7 launches in South Africa on 11 November.



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