Dashy Crashy and Kittens Game: this week’s top mobile games

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Welcome to Gearburn’s Mobile Game Picks of the Week, a weekly series in which Hadlee takes a look at the latest, most entertaining, or time-consuming mobile games on portable screens.

Who says that all mobile games are horrible? Not us, as we take a look at some of the better releases in recent days.

Prominent releases this week include Dashy Crashy and the rather offbeat Kittens Game. Scroll down for the other entries.

Deus Ex Go hits Windows 10 Mobile (paid – Android, iOS, Windows)

Windows 10 Mobile seldom gets blockbuster games at the same time as Android and iOS — if at all. Fortunately, Deus Ex Go is the exception, being released on Microsoft’s platform this week.

The action/puzzle game uses turn-based mechanics, much like Hitman Go, as you fight, dodge and hack your way through oodles of tough levels.

Deus Ex Go is available for R58 on Windows 10 Mobile, but has received a discount on Android (R19) and iOS (R30).

Kittens Game (R14- Android)

It’s been a minor sensation online for some time now, but now mobile gamers can get in on this simulation game as well.

Kittens Game is a text-based simulation/strategy about managing a village of kittens. Seriously. You’ll be discovering/using new technologies and taking care of their needs in this rather interesting title.

Kittens Game is slow going at first and it initially brings to mind those endless clicking games, but it continuously ups the ante in terms of variety. Fans of text adventures and management games will definitely get a kick out of this. Check out a playthrough in the video above.

Dashy Crashy (free – Android, iOS)

Yeah yeah, it’s another game hopping on the Crossy Road naming convention bandwagon, but Dashy Crashy (in early access on Android but on iOS for ages) seems promising anyway.

The game is an endless driving title, as you dodge cars, knock down traffic cones and seek out huge jumps. And much like Crossy Road, it dishes out “randomised” goodies for you, so there’s some incentive to keep playing.

Dashy Crashy isn’t the most inventive game around, but it definitely has potential to be your go-to mobile game.

Magician’s Saga (free – Android, iOS)

Prolific Japanese studio Kairosoft is back with yet another mobile game, in the form of Magician’s Saga for Android.

The game has you rebuilding and repopulating a fantasy-style settlement, being interspersed with simplistic but fun isometric combat. It’s nowhere near the standard set by other major Kairosoft titles, but it’s a noteworthy release anyway.

It’s worth noting that Magician’s Saga is free, but it uses ads and virtual currency — expect to require the latter after a while.



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