6 more offbeat products that Xiaomi bought to market

Xiaomi MiJia

A few months back, we took a look at some of the stranger Xiaomi or Xiaomi-backed products out there. From kettles to electric bikes, it was clear that the company has a ton of products under its umbrella.

But the firm and its MiJia crowdfunding platform haven’t been standing still, backing more weird, wonderful or just mundane products. Here are a few more strange devices the platform has delivered…

Walkie Talkie

Xiaomi Walkie Talkie

For a company that made its name due to smartphones, selling a walkie talkie seems like a strange move. But Xiaomi has indeed backed this device.

The MiJia walkie talkie is a two-way radio that boasts a black and white LCD screen, eight days on standby via a 2600mAh battery and Bluetooth connectivity to your phone. Neat, if you’re a forest ranger or something.

Mosquito repellent device


The company that sells rice cookers and kettles also wants to protect you from annoying bugs, in the form of an electric mosquito repellent device.

It looks like any other repellent device out there, but it’s apparently dust-proof and has a microUSB port as well. The latter means it can also be powered by a power bank — ideal for camping trips.

Plant health monitor

Credit: xiaomi.eu
Credit: xiaomi.eu

Got green fingers? Then Xiaomi’s platform has something for you as well, in the form of a Bluetooth-enabled plant health monitor.

The stick-shaped device tracks your plants’ light, moisture and soil PH level, giving you a better idea of overall health. The device is controlled via the Mi Home app, which also spits out gardening tips and guides. Not bad for US$11.

Smart Flower Pot


Credit: AliExpress

There’s another smart gadget for gardeners, believe it or not, in the form of the Smart Flower Pot. So how smart can a flower pot actually be?

According to AliExpress, the smart flower pot uses an LED light to signify health (e.g. blue for more water, yellow for “fertility imbalance”, red for low battery), while a Bluetooth connection lets you check on stats via your phone. Otherwise, the pot requires a charge every 60 days. We now live in a world where flower pots need to be charged.

Smart toothbrush

xiaomi toothbrush
Credit: Xiaomi-mi.com

Believe it or not, but smart toothbrushes have been a thing for the past 18 months at least, with Oral B also getting on the bandwagon.

Xiaomi has also backed this effort, being a Bluetooth connected toothbrush that delivers stats/functions to your phone (such as brushing habits and adjustable operation modes). Other notable features include water-resistance and an apparent 25-day battery life (if you use it for four minutes daily).

Smart Rear View Mirror

Xiaomi smart rear view mirror

Yep, Xiaomi also sells a smart rear view mirror in its store, featuring an 8.8-inch wide display, 4G/WiFi connectivity, voice integration and GPS support.

Your purchase (it costs RMB999) also gets you forward collision warnings, lane departure warnings and video recording in 1080p. A cool concept, but I could totally see myself being distracted.



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