Hisense Laser TV: expect crazy price tag, 2018 release for SA

Hisense laser TV

Hisense made tech headlines at CES 2017 when it revealed its Laser TV. As the name implies, it’s… well… shoot. It’s not really a TV but a projector, actually.

Featuring a box up close to the screen/wall for short throw projection, the laser TV manages to deliver a sharp, colourful image for a projector. But what if you want to get your hands on one? Well, you’ll need to wait a while and have a hefty wallet…

“Laser TV in SA, we’re probably going to be launching around Feb, March next year,” Hisense SA marketing director Claire Noyes-Smith told Gearburn.

Hisense is planning to bring its laser TV to South Africa next year, but it won’t be cheap at all

The representative estimated that the gadget would have a “R200 000 plus” price tag.

It wasn’t the only product-related news at Hisense’s Cape Town event last week. In the smartphone department, the company’s C30 Rock Lite would be coming to SA in August, while the higher end H10 is set to launch later this year as well. The firm also revealed that the e-ink-toting A2 or A2 Pro was in the pipeline for South Africa.

The company also confirmed plans to expand its Atlantis factory, looking at integrating an R&D lab for smartphones into the facility. The firm’s Noyes-Smith also raised the possibility of a smartphone production capability at its factory.

Featured image: Hisense



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