The best local multiplayer games for Nintendo Switch

local multiplayer games

Online gaming has become the new norm for millions of gamers around the world, but there’s something special to be had with local multiplayer titles.

Fortunately, 2017 saw no shortage of quality titles in this department, in large part due to the Nintendo Switch. The console’s two JoyCon controllers mean that local multiplayer titles are a much easier sell, reducing the need to buy more controllers. So we looked at some of the best titles in this regard for Nintendo’s console.

Super Bomberman R

The Bomberman franchise has long been a multiplayer staple, as players seek to trap their friends and ruin friendships with explosions.

Fortunately, the Switch launch title, Super Bomberman R, continues the local multiplayer malarkey. In fact, the title supports four players for local play and up to seven for online play.


The second Switch launch title on the list is another doozy, tasking up to four paper characters with solving a variety of puzzles by cutting each other. It’s difficult to explain, so we’d recommend you watch the above video to get a better idea.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Yes yes, it’s a Wii U port, but that doesn’t change the fact that Mario Kart 8 (review) is a fantastic experience on the Switch. Featuring the same tracks and DLC as the last-gen title, but with increased resolution and portability, it’s the definitive version of the game.

And yes, the portability and detachable JoyCons means that two-player split-screen during a commute, road trip or in any other setting is totally possible. Otherwise, hook up to a TV and you’ve got four player split-screen.

Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition

It’s been available on almost every semi-modern platform known to man, so don’t be surprised to see Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch as well. And yes, it’s packing couch-based multiplayer too.

The title supports four player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer on the couch, or up to eight players if you’ve got online buddies too.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Is this the best couch co-op game on the Nintendo Switch right now? Well, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime certainly makes a very strong case.

The title sees up to four players in a spaceship, tasked with navigating through a perilous world and taking out enemies. Players will need to divvy up responsibilities such as controlling shields, firing guns and piloting the ship. Things will get frantic, that’s for sure.


Another popular Switch exclusive, original title ARMS has quickly become a multiplayer fixture alongside Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Splatoon 2.

The quirky beat ’em up supports split-screen multiplayer for two people, allowing them to duke it out on the small screen or via the big screen.

Rocket League

First party titles aren’t the only big-name local multiplayer games on Nintendo Switch, with Rocket League being one of the most high-profile games in this regard.

Essentially football with cars, Rocket League‘s local multiplayer option allows up to four players in split-screen. A pity that a combination of split-screen and online play isn’t available.

Rayman Legends

It might be an older title compared to most of the entries here, but Rayman Legends still stands out as one of the best side-scrolling platformers ever made.

Local multiplayer support is available on the Switch too, as up to four players tussle it out in levels or in football.


Overcooked quickly became a local multiplayer sensation upon its 2016 release, as you and a few friends frantically cooked meals for customers.

The title landed on Switch in July last year, offering four player local cooperative play as well as two expansions.

Jackbox Party Pack

It’s another franchise that’s made a name for itself thanks to multiplayer fun, so we’re glad to see the Jackbox Party Pack come to Nintendo’s hybrid console.

Much like other entries, the Switch version contains a number of mini-games, with many playable via your smartphone or tablet too. In fact, one of the mini-games has support for up to 100 players.



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