iPhone 11: 3D camera tech in development

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You can’t just have one camera on a flagship smartphone anymore, and even more so if your company’s name is Apple.

Now that modern iPhones have at least two cameras at the rear, the company’s planning an additional sensor that could feature some novel properties.

According to Bloomberg, a “longer-range 3D camera” is in the works, which will allow the phone to scan its surroundings, create digital representations of its world, and improve the phone’s augmented reality (AR) performance.

Bloomberg’s sources added that instead of using a dot projector, Apple’s toying with a laser scanner which makes the extended range possible.

It’s not clear if the system will be ready for 2019’s crop of iPhones, but a 2020 debut definitely seems possible.

Cameras, battery and charging port detailed

Indian technology blog CompareRaja today published an exclusive that suggests the 2019 iPhones will be a notable leap forward.

The blog notes that the iPhone 11 Max (iPhone XI Max, in Roman numerals) will feature three cameras, with one sensor sporting 10MP and another 14MP. The third’s sensor is yet unknown.

It’s also not clear how these cameras will be arranged. Some renders suggest a “stovetop” design. Others mimic Huawei’s three-in-a-vertical-row solution.

Apple’s set to retain the notch too, and will include a 10MP selfie camera within it.

There’s battery news too. CompareRaja also suggests that Apple’s redesigned the phones’ batteries, which are set to sport an “L” shape.

And speaking of battery, charging port seems to be a contentious issue. While the Indian publication suggests Apple will retain the Lightning connector, other reports have noted that the Cupertino company will finally adopt USB-C — the standard used by most modern flagships.

Feature image: screenshot, Apple

Andy Walker, former editor


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