Forget folding phones, Samsung now makes fire extinguishers disguised as flower pots

samsung firevase

We’re nearing April Fools Day, so prepare yourself for a boatload of farfetched “news”.

We did a double take when we saw Samsung’s Firevase, a flower vase that doubles as a fire-retardant hand-propelled missile. But according to Dezeen, it’s a genuine product.

The Firevase is as ridiculous as it is smart. It’s a glass bottle consisting of two distinct chambers: one for your flower’s water, and an outer chamber housing fire-suppressant.

When thrown at a fire — presumably by the American football, cricket or baseball fan of the house — the suppressant is released and the fire extinguished.

There are a few issues though. For one, we doubt this tiny vase would put out an entire house on fire. Secondly, it’s actually too pretty to destroy.

Still the viral campaign, which culminated in a video released in September 2018, has already been viewed by more than eight million people. Yes, it’s as crazy as you can imagine, and we love it to bits.

That said, Samsung’s Firevase has already been distributed to over 100 000 households in South Korea, so we can’t really say that it hasn’t been a success.

There’s no word on whether those households have received throwing coaching.

H/T: The Verge, Dezeen

Feature image: screenshot, SamsungfireTalk via YouTube

Andy Walker


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