Second time lucky? Samsung Galaxy Fold is ready to ship, once again

Samsung Galaxy Fold 1

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is now official. Again.

The company on Thursday announced that its first foldable smartphone, after months of hits and misses and hits again, will launch in South Korea on 6 September.

Not much as changed as far as its fundamental design is concerned.

It still folds on a central hinge.

Samsung’s still using three cameras at the rear, one up front, and two when the phone’s unfolded.

The unfolded screen measures 7.3 inches across, while up front there’s a 4.6 inch display.

There’s also remains a 5G-capable variant, too.

Samsung has however tweaked the screen’s protection and the hinge design.

The latter now extends all the way through to the bases of the device thanks to protection caps, while protective screen film — which is not to be removed — now curls around the device more securely.

These are fixes that took Samsung the best part of three months to complete, but the phone’s here now.

It will be rolling out to other countries in due course too, including France, Germany, Singapore, the UK and US.

We have to imagine that South Africa’s also on that list, considering that we were supposed to be among the first wave countries to receive the Samsung Galaxy Fold in April. That is, had the launch not been delayed.

As for the price? You’re still looking at around $2000 when it eventually launches in the US. For South Africa, that means more than R30 000.

Feature image: Samsung

Andy Walker, former editor


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