Introducing an intelligent travel companion: Audi connect [Sponsored]

audi connect in car

We live in an ever-connected world, one where our smart devices all connect to provide seamless integration of data sharing for work and leisure.

Your car should integrate just as easily with your connected life.

Audi has taken connectivity one step further than just media and hands-free integration with new integrated technology, called Audi connect.

What is Audi connect and how does it work?

audi connect

Audi connect takes the comfort and the fun of driving to a whole new level by providing information and entertainment along with a host of remote safety and service features.

The system makes use of a data sim which is installed into the vehicle and the myAudi app which is applicable to any latest smartphone or smart device.

It not only transforms the Audi into a stylish Wi-Fi hotspot for passengers, but it also unlocks a variety of online and real-time convenience, security and safety functions for the driver.

Audi connect effortlessly integrates your Audi with the rest of your world, inside or outside your vehicle.

What’s exciting about Audi connect?

audi connect car dashboard

While Audi offers a comprehensive infotainment system with its vehicles, the Audi connect system further enhances the entertainment, connectivity and safety functions.

With its built-in and integrated technology, it allows the driver to access a host of advanced functions and services directly from the Audi’s multimedia interface or the MyAudi app, and enables a connected driving experience to enjoy.

Audi connect will offer real-time information for navigation and infotainment.

Live and integrated Google Earth navigation and traffic information allow the driver to easily plan trips through the myAudi app and send destinations and routes directly to the vehicle.

On your way to your favourite restaurant?

The real-time navigation with Google Street View and Google Earth will not only update you on live traffic updates but it can also inform you on the trading times of your destination venue.

While the real-time traffic information will help you to better plan your route around the city, Audi connect will also provide live weather updates for your current location and where you are headed to, for up to 7 days in advance.

audi connect hands free

This information is readily displayed on both the Audi Multimedia Interface (MMI) and on the Audi Virtual Cockpit (model dependent) allowing both the driver and passengers to stay informed and connected.

Audi connect also offers remote security and convenience functions (model dependent) which networks the vehicle with the smartphone.

This allows the vehicle to be protected against unauthorised access, giving the driver control of selected vehicle functions by conveniently using the myAudi app.

Need to quickly access a vehicle status report for information like the oil, fuel levels or mileage of your Audi?

The MyAudi app allows this convenience at your fingertips, in the comfort of your home, without having to physically visit your vehicle.

Safety and added peace of mind is an additional benefit to Audi connect.

Online services features will support the driver in the event of damage, breakdown or minor accidents.

In the case of an emergency, a press of a button will alert the Audi Assist support centre to provide you with assistance and care.

Notification of when your vehicle is due for a service is also integrated into the functionality.

When will Audi connect be available in South Africa?

audi connect app smartphone

The Audi connect services which will be available with the introduction of the new Audi A4 Sedan, which will go on sale in South Africa from the 1st of October.

The new Audi A4 provides the first step towards in-car digitalisation for Audi as it offers a fully connected hub to the driver.

While the spectrum of Audi connect services is model dependent, this latest technology ensures that you will have a far safer, more comfortable and efficient drive with Audi.

Audi connect is due to roll out in a few more models across the Audi product range this year and beyond.

Get in touch with your closest Audi Dealership to find out more. To read more about Audi connect, click here.

This article is supplied and sponsored by Audi.

Image credits: Audi



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